Dirty Dancing

Ok. I do not do reviews. I wanted when I have decided to have a blog but I have noticed so so many of us doing it and be honest…after a while it gets bored! I don’t want to be boring! But…I went to see Dirty Dancing last night. At the Playhoues in Edinburgh. They came back as everyone wanted them again. I am huge fun of Dirty Dancing. Baby, Johnny and Penny. Penny is the most beautiful girl who dance like a vision. I always thought that when I was younger and thought I never ever going to be like her. Nope. Never. I use to go dancing, I do dance might not as good as she can but the biggest problem I am a foodie. It’s no way I could live in brown rice and vegetable for month. However I still can watch her and them being beautiful and dancing and being in love!

Yes, I have been waiting for this moment for month, even years! I remember when this show was in London and that time I was going to London quiet often but somehow I never went to see it. This is my time!!!!

I dressed nice, I even put some make up on. I met with my friend and we had a bottle of Prosecco. Normal. I was so excited and nervous some reason I had to have some bubbles to calm me down. We were there in time, found our sit and boom! It started! The music…the songs…oh my songs!

It was like in the movie, the same script, the same words, the same music and same people. No actually not. Baby, she looked very very similar to Jennifer Grey but Johnny. Johnny for me is Patrick Swayze. No way you can show me one woman who secretly not wanted to be lifted up by Patrick Swayze! Yep. That’s what I am talking about!

They dances, they talked, they laughed…they were good. The girl who played Penny, she was amazing! Her dance moves! Wow! I was amazed! They all were amazing! They brought my dream alive! They showed me my favourite childhood movie can come alive.

At the end when the main music coming on and Jo

hnny jump up the stage to say her famous sentence: Nobody puts Baby in a corner! I had goosebumps, I have screamed and I sang…and I had a tear in my eyed. I don’t know how they managed to do this but thank you. I had a very special evening.  DirtyDancingIMG_5933IMG_5938IMG_5939

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