Diana Spencer’s show at FRINGE

I was out all day with my friend on Fringe. We meet every year and spend a day out just to enjoy the crowd. So we were just sitting at Gilded Balloon and we were actually searched on our phone what should be the next step. We eat and we drunk also we were about to get a move and do something. When this girl came along. She started talking that she has a show and she would be happy if we can go and see the show because she has this comedy about find her first love and getting a house together…She was just so sweet and said it is such a nice change because we are listening to her and smiling! She gave us her leaflet and one ticket. Well we were like: ” Ok…why not? She’s sweet, pretty girl we can listening her how she moved in with boyfriend and all this girly thing.” It’s a bit cheesy but I’m about to move into a house that we bought together with my fiancé so….why not?!

So this sweet girl name is Diane Spencer and according her leaflet she’s pretty cool. Got awards, performed all over the world and she is the 5th! hottest performer in Fringe. Only 5th?

We went to buy another ticket for £9.00 and went along. The queue was already pretty long and as we were not surprised, most of them males. Full house! So this people does know her or just came along by chance as we did?
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The show started and Diane got up to the stage. Nothing fancy just a jeans and shirt. She starts her story that she is meeting with her love of her life and deciding to buy a house…and BOOM! The surprise! This sweet pretty girl is actually a filthy, well funny comedian!!! I was laughing a lot on her very sarcastic and excellent humour and story telling ability. NOt mention the sex involved part of the comedy…Her story and I believe her life is really funny and very enjoyable. I’m not sure it says anywhere but do not take children under ( this days I believe ) 14… However if you can go along and see her then please do it! She’s managed to push back my believes in funny comedians and the whole fringe festival in Edinburgh. 
Well done For Diane Spencer and her boyfriend! Hope they will get married soon and do a stand up about it. I definitely would love to see that!
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