Cafe St Honore – Edinburgh


Not many people know about this restaurant unfortunately. Well not the people I know. I decided to tell everyone about it because this place became one of my favourite hidden gem!

The restaurant is a bit aside of all the fancy places but when you find it you’ll be so so happy!
Pics 035
I use to go to Paris a lot. Paris has been MY city. The city of elegance, romance and the class. When I go to Cafe St Honore I feel the same. I’m back to Paris. The interior and the music takes me back instantly. Not mention the food! Their chef, Neil Forbes is very talented and really good person. Well, ok unfortunately I’m not friend of his but he seems really nice. ( and definitely can cook like WOW )
Latest I went here to enjoy a lunch with my crazy, young bunch of girls. We have started with my favourite wine: Muscadet Sur Lie. I have to admit this wine is my big love. Again, reminds me of Paris when you sit outside have a glass and watch people…ohhhh I miss Paris!
Let’s get back to my lunch. I felt so relaxed! Nice wine, friends and an exciting lunch ahead. We went for the lunch menu that’s dead cheap with very good choices. I had mussels and this French dish which is fish, mash potato, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. It’s so filling and so so so nice! However while I was eating my main course the shock revealed: no more Muscadet! I just had one full glass! Devastated! We swapped for Prosecco as the girls demand. I don’t mind Prosecco but that’s Italian…anyway. I drunk it obviously.
Pics 036
I was hesitating with dessert. I was full but they had creme brûlée. Would be rude if not to… So I did. Pretty and so French!
Pics 038
We have been there quiet long and the waiting staff didn’t seem bothered at all actually they were really nice! Only little thing I missed is the French language but hey!….we are in Edinburgh and of the day!
I definitely would recommend to go and visit. Eat, drink and enjoy to be in Paris for a little bit. I can’t wait to go back!
( Also my friends from the industry and they are picky…however they loved it as well so it’s not just me! )
Thank you Cafe St Honore!
 Address: 34 Thistle Street North West Lane, Edinburgh

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