Love affair in Budapest

I’ve been in Budapest only a day and I felt something different. First I did not notice what was that and during a nice warm evening I crossed Erzsebet square and boom! I’ve noticed.
The people. They love each other and they show that for everyone! They are holding hands, they are kissing, they are cuddling! You are walking on the street and couples are walking hand in hand. They sit on the bench and kissing. They are standing in the queue and cuddling each other. I’ve been in many places and never seen couples are give so much attention to each other. Not badly just in nice way, just in the most romantic way. They are smiling to each other, they are giving many kisses, they are in love. No, not just teenagers who just started seeing each other. Not at all. Middle age, young, old couples…everyone. I’ve been in festival at Vajdahunyad castle and a couple sit at the opposite table from me. They were around 40s and they had a child with them. They were sitting and he gently cuddled her, she was giving kisses to his cheek and the boy was just smiling at them. They seemed so happy. They seemed so in love. They had no afraid to love each other. They had no afraid to show that. They were living for the moment. The moment of love.
I want my moment! I have no afraid any longer…




Visiting Vylyan winery in South Hungary

I had a little research before I booked to visit this winery and seemed that could be the best choice. I was right.
I emailed them month ago and they were very professional and nice.
The winery is in south of Hungary around 20 min drive from Villany, by taxi cost around £10. Worth it to call taxi as you don’t want to drink and drive and not drink in winery is a crime.
So we arrived an Gabor our guide was waiting for us. What a place! Gorgeous scenery, grapes everywhere, nice terrace area and sun! Gabor set a table for us with glasses, soda and salty scones, pogacsa. You can choose what kind of tasting you wish to do. We went for all. 8 kind of wine. 2 white, a rose and 4 red. The harvest was on in the same time so during tasting we were wondering away to see the people who were picking the grapes and help them. To eat. Obviously.
Gabor was amazing, telling us everything about their wine. Most of the wine got animal names that I did not understand why so asked. There’s a story. I love stories!
There was a beautiful girl Herka living there. The devil saw her, fall in love with her and asked the witch, her mum to marry her. Obviously the witch did not want to give her beautiful daughter to an old and ugly devil so she gave a deal.
– Devil, if you get plowed the whole area by the morning when the rooster give the first sign I give you my daughter.
The devil asked help from the cat and they were working really hard. Almost finished by midnight. The witch saw this and got scared. Went into the rooster’s house and woken him up. As the rooster woken up he started crow. Everyone thought it was morning already and they not managed to finish the challenge. The devil got so angry, he throw his plow away and went back to hell. That’s how the hill became nearby and the hot fire from the hell given good taste for the grapes.
You believe the story or not but the wines are certainly gorgeous, very smooth and tasty. My favourite was the ‘ordog’ devil one.
If you want a chilled day and you like wine don’t hesitate to visit this winery. You’d love the whole day and a glass of wine and another one and another one….I certainly would go back anytime.









Villany, the best wine village of Hungary

Villany is in south hungary, about 45 min drive from Pecs. Very famous of their wine culture.
Small and pretty little village where you don’t do anything except discover the different winery, wine cellars and vineyards. On the small Main Street of Villany you can discover plenty different very high quality winery. You can sit in or outside, taste the wine and watch people. If you see any. When I was there was pretty quiet and so so relaxing. People are extremely kind and very proud of their wine that I total do understand. Every wine I had in Villany is beautiful. It’s Hungary. It’s the Hungarian people soul in it. Very smooth and playful wines. I don’t know how I will be able to survive without them when I’m back to UK. It’s really not understandable why it’s not any wine from there not exported to Scotland at all…hmmm
I could write the list about the different wines and names but not. You got to get there and you find out by yourself. You drink, eat and experience Villany and the people there. You won’t be disappointed.
You will be in love! Again and again…at every single glass…






Tihany, the hidden beauty of Hungary

Tihany is the most beautiful and old village I’ve seen in Hungary so far.
I’m an old fashioned girl and this is an old fashioned little village.

Top of the village there’s the Benedictine Abbey that you can see from miles away. Standing top of Tihany like a proud daddy. Burn down a few times but thankfully has been rebuild and now is just beautiful and got the best view of lake Balaton. The abbey also holds the first extant record of Hungarian language. When you walk around you are just stunned, by the view by the history by the echo. Yes. Echo! You scream and your voice coming back as hits the wall of the abbey. It went a bit abated in the last 20 years since I’ve been there as a child.I remember in that time everyone was travelling there just to scream someone’s names to the air who was close to their hearts. I can’t remember the name I screamed but must been a hero of one of my favourite bed time stories.
According to the legend there was a princess with golden-haired goats, but she was too proud (as the hungarians mostly) and hard of heart and was punished (cursed by the king of the lake), her goats were lost in Balaton, only their nails remained, and she was obliged to answer to every passers-by. A statue of the Shouting Girl can be seen just next the Abbey.
If you look around you notice lavender everywhere. Smells beautiful and make the whole Tihany a little bit purple. They make everything from lavender, soap, drink, honey…anything and everything. You can’t resist to buy some from one of the small shop. You want to take Tihany’s smell with you. You have to.
This whole village is like a jewellery box, very old houses in new dress, landscape is beautiful and the Hungarian people who’s living there are really welcoming.
You can rent a bike or just take a walk to a small inside lake that hides many animals and birds. There’s a Lavender house that seems like an exhibition centre that shows of the nature life of the lake. I missed that as I wanted to explore by myself.
I’ve done. I explored this beautiful little village that stolen my heart.
Thank you for Csanyi Vendeghaz, apartment for the lovely stay in that beautiful house!

One day I will be back Tihany with someone I can scream his name into the air!







The perfect day in Budapest

Szechenyi bath, folk festivities and opera street party

Szechenyi bath is one of the most famous and the largest medicinal bath in Budapest. You pay 4800 Hungarian forint that’s around £14 and you’re in. Don’t forget your flip flops and towel. There’s outside and inside pools. The water is hot and smells some of them because the components of the thermal water include sulphate, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and a significant amount of fluoride acid and metaboric acid. Apparently is very good for you. It’s a massive old and beautiful building. Full with tourists. Many many tourists and mainly man. We felt pretty good with the girls…
You can spend hours and hours there without even notice it. Try all the different pools and saunas. Brilliant. You feel healthy and alive.
After the bath we were wondering around. There’s a zoo and the circus. Hero’s square and vajdahunyad castle. At the castle had folk festivities. Many people selling Hungarian honey, cheese, sausage, folk dresses, everything. We seen original Hungarian folk dance and eat homemade porkolt, that’s like a beef stew with different flavours. Tasted lovely Hungarian wine and palinka. Strudel and Kurtos Kalacs that’s like a sweet bread with different flavouring. The food is so good, I generally think I have to stop eating otherwise will need two flight ticket to leave this country!
We had a nice walk back to the centre. About 40 min walk that passed the opera house. There was an opera street party. Huge stage outside with Hungarian famous opera singers and orchestra even a fashion show.
This city gives you so much to do it’s unreal. We’ve just walked around the city and we’ve got folk party that shows us the real Hungarian culture and seen opera front of that gorgeous building without costing anything. This is a great city. Very alive and very welcoming. I don’t want to leave just now….











First few days in Budapest

Budapest. Is cool. Is the coolest. Seriously. I’m so so impressed. I use to live here like 10 years ago. Wow! The change is incredible. Possible I look at with the different eyes as well as I travelled a lot since and you know when you are living somewhere everything is “just there”. Now I see the Donau is a pretty river that float to cross Budapest to Buda and Pest. I saw the buildings are massive and they seem like a big history book, the centre of the city like the prettiest bars and restaurant, the bridges are old and huge, the restaurants are looking so welcoming and the bars are very trendy! Is the eyes of the traveller. Is the eyes of a person who spot the different. The eyes if mine….
I’ve seen the people who looked at me and was surprised I speak Hungarian the people who’s happy I’m there, the people who’s very trendy and very welcoming, the people who changed in so many years. The country that changed in so many years. It’s old. It’s an old city. Old with history and old with culture. Young with upcoming bars and shops. People are young, the fashion is young…the city is old with a young vibe in an old custom. The ruin bars…oh my word! So retro. So back in time and not…it’s really, really cool. Maybe the palinka, maybe the people maybe is just me but….I do love Budapest. I never loved Budapest that much!

Budapest is the coolest city of Europe at the moment. Everyone is different and everyone seems thing different but you must feel the same when you are here.
Feel the vibe feel the history, get deep in Budapest.






First night alone #WineTourHungary

Teleki Villanyi Portugieser – my first wine in Budapest. I think for my taste the wine from Villany is the best in Hungary. Forget Tokaj.
This is from Csanyi Pinceszet. Very nice velvety, easy to drink with a fine tannins. Apparently the best with Goulash. I just need Goulash now!
Nice and warm here, people seem loving life and Budapest is busy!

I can’t wait for my friend @chantaldriesen to arrive tomorrow!




Only few days left.
The countdown has started.

So much to do and have to work every day! People should allow to take a few day off before their travel…no, no that’s not fun. Do everything in 24 hours, that’s fun!
So many questions in my head…where to go, what to do, where to eat, what I am going to wear??? I don’t like suitcase, you always forget to pack THE most important top or trousers…
I can’t wait to be there. That is the hardest, to wait for the moment when you actually arrive and smell the country, explore the way of life.
With my friend @chantaldriesen we are getting a really nice wine for our first evening in Budapest. Sit our apartment’s balcony watch Budapest goes by and drink very tasty wine…
That is life. I’m loving life.
Life is beautiful.



Wine Tour in Hungary

Hi Everyone

Me, @katalinsom and my friend @chantaldriesden decided to explore Hungary and the beauty of the Hungarian wine and culture in September.
Chantal is doing her WSET Diploma course in wine education and me, the more interested one than educated, going to Hungary to follow the Hungarian Wine Festival. We use to work together at @dakotahotelsuk and became really good friends. We will eat, drink and explore the Hungarian culture.
We will post every day activity on twitter as much as we can.

Come and join us!

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