The beautiful Perthshire, Aberfeldy


The boy had his birthday so I decided the best present he can receive is a few days getaway with me in the beautiful Perthshire, Scotland.

Ok, I’m not sure the ‘with me’ was very successful but Perthshire definitely.
So we’ve got into the car and go!
It’s not bad, around 1 hour 40 min drive from Edinburgh. I have booked a well pretty B&B near to Aberfeldy. The Steadings. Very pretty place middle of nowhere. When we arrived we were just sitting outside and watched the mountains front of us. Obviously started to rain so decided to drive back to Aberfeldy and look around. That did not take long. It’s a very small village! Little cute one with a watermill, cinema and pubs. I read somewhere, there’s a walk route that takes only 2 miles and apparently Robert Burns use to walk along there and getting inspiration for his poems. If that was good for him, would be good for us. Birks of Aberfeldy. The rain finally stopped and we asked the locals about the walking path. Such a lovely people! We have got the direction and left.
When we start walking to the path I was thinking why the boy don’t prefer something like superbike or the formula 1…I don’t need to walk there this much….
Well I’m glad he is not. That walk is just beautiful. There goes along a wee river, full with waterfalls and I just felt free. The sun start shining and everything was just so mysterious. Something about that place is very different. I would not have been surprised if Robert Bruce walk along on his horse! ( not sure he had any but my imagination is very wicked )
We just walked around slowly and I felt like we have got back in the past and this mystery was in the air and came with the beautiful waterfalls! I never felt like that. It was weird and exciting. Everyone should find that walk and go along! We have seen only two other people all way long but might just because we have got there just after the rain. Don’t know. Don’t want to know why I just enjoyed the moment. Walk around, stop and glaze the waterfalls, the trees, the nature. I didn’t want to leave but after a while the route takes you back where you started. I’m not surprised that anyone could get many inspiration there. It’s mystery and it’s very, very peaceful!
I love Scotland. I love it with my heart.





My day in Valletta

My first day in Malta and I am really eager to get to Valletta as soon as I can.

Big early breakfast in my hotel ( oh, those fresh waffles! ) and go!

Local bus is amazing! Only 1.5 euro a day ticket and takes you everywhere in the island. Perfect. From my hotel to Valletta I needed 30 minute. The route was just beautiful, along the sea…enjoyed it a lot! Arriving to Valletta I had no plan only a map. Let’s go!

We were walking miles and miles pretty much in silent. This city is just incredible. You can see those incredible small houses, the beautiful balconies, the Maltese people smile…everything just so chilled here, just so different. I do not think the locals dictionary got a word ‘stress’ in it! I feel like floating...the whole atmosphere, the history, the smell….They even have a horse carriage that I have missed out in Bruges. One boy on those carriage was extreme good and managed to convince us we do need to take that ride. Actually…yes we did. I have never been in horse carriage before special not with THE man! The boy who convinced us was very informative so be honest was a good choice to take it. He told us a lot about Valletta and even taken pictures of us. How cute!

As the day got hotter we decided to sit in a shadow for some late lunch. We picked a restaurant just outside at the library. Best place for people watching as well. We ordered a real Maltese platter and a cold glass of Maltese rose…what a day!

After the satisfying lunch and a little break in shadow, we still had a lot to see and experience. There was an art festival in Valletta so we were able to see some local masterpiece. Jewellery, paintings and clothes. Very interesting and fascinating.

Unfortunately we not have stayed for the night so I missed the lights of the city but maybe it was in purpose. I want to go back. I definitely will.

Valletta is something that you have to experience special if you like history and culture.

IMG_0047 IMG_0034 image (28)IMG_0069 IMG_0077 IMG_0094 IMG_0099 image (27) image (30)

Accommodation in Malta

So… I am here. In Malta.

When I booked this few days getaway through Lowcostholidays I was on a very tight budget and they had a pretty good offer for flight and hotel. Hotel was 3 star in St Julian’s where I wanted to stay as recommended. Can not be that bad.


When I have got closer to the date to leave I was checking the feedbacks and reviews that honestly got worst and worst. If I was alone I would not have cared as pretty much I just need a bed and a bathroom but I was not alone. I decided to give up on my new pretty handbag that was winking on me for weeks from the shop’s window and I did booked a better hotel. I managed to get a good price through an Internet booking side to Intercontinental Malta. However I managed to book only for 2 nights. I needed 3 nights. I was thinking: ‘ Right, we are arriving late anyway, like very late so we can survive a night in that 3 star hotel and next day we just going through the luxury.’ I’ve never been spoiled much in my life ( unless I spoiled myself ) so I thought that is the best plan.

Arriving to this 3 star hotel that looked a bit more tired than on the picture, even in the dark. After waiting while few people complaining at the reception I managed to get the key and find my room. It was on the 6th floor. No lift. How lucky I am I have only a hand luggage with me?!

Entered the room and tried to convent myself, it is not too bad…I was not very successful! Total disaster! Never stayed in place like that, ever! Only one night though, only one night…I will survive. In the morning, taken advantage on bed and breakfast rate we went to the breakfast room. Well if nothing else, I can have a coffee! Surprisingly the breakfast was not too bad but the face impression on the folks who were having breakfast there! It was rather funny. Yeah, we were laughing because we knew we are going to enter to the luxury in less than an hour!

As we did.

Picked up the bags and went to check in at Intercontinental Malta. What a place! Even if they had the worst room for me would have better than the room I have spent my last night! As soon I have stepped into the lobby I felt like a princess. Everyone smiled, everyone wanted us to be there. The whole place just so big and beautiful! They have THE most comfy bed, few relaxing bars, spa, swimming pool….everything. Even if I have to live on beans on toast for weeks this hotel worth anything. Worth to see how happy my man was, worth to see how much different you can buy with a credit card.

It is purely amazing and it is purely not. I was lucky because I could make this change and get a bit of luxury. However when I was lying on the hotel’s private beach ( yes private beach! ) I was thinking of those people who could not have this. It was funny for us to see the different but it is sad as well. Some fellas in that poor hotel seemed they just wanted a getaway as everyone else does and possible they were working hard for that holiday as much as I did.

I am just lucky I have a credit card and a job that I know it will allows me to pay it back in time.

” I think there is something about luxury, it is not something people need, but it is what they want. It really plus at their heart”


Drink at the beach Seafood restaurant Capirinha Garden Rooftop bar Welcome note Getting to know the place THE bed Pool at Intercontinental View I can do this Bedroom Kitchen in 3Star

Arrival to Malta

I was waiting for this trip for ages! Finally on the plane and getting closer to MALTA.

I have been so keen to come here, special since started following #maltaismore and seen all the updates about Malta every day. Well…it’s my turn now!

I am arriving pretty late. Very late actually. I have only 3 nights in this amazing island so to save time and make sure I will find my hotel immediately, I have pre-booked a private transfer from the airport. ( 25 Euros return. Brilliant. ) Time saving and I also thought might I can get some more info from the local driver. No luck. He does not speak much English. Never mind, at least I will be there fast.

I am based in St Julian’s. Apparently this is the best choice if you want to stay close to capital but not stay in capital. Apparently.

I have dropped my bag and went to explore where I will spend my next few days. It is so noisy and busy and it’s already midnight! It’s not like my home town! In Edinburgh this time you are already try to get home from the pub as they are closing soon….well definitely not here! I had to go to this road that seems full with bars and clubs, but to get through to the bay, that is the way. Hmmm….ok, lovely. Totally shocked. Full with Gentleman’s club, night clubs, bars, pubs, dancers….I think I have landed in Magaluf instead of Malta! No. I am in Malta, but what happened? Where is my historic Malta? Culture shocked. I have pushed myself through that long street and found a bit quieter, more classy side of the place. I am holding a Mojito! End of the day, I am on HOLIDAY! I am sipping my cocktail, nice lounge music at the background and nice, warm wind stroking my face. Yes. I have arrived. This is my Malta I heard from!

I am worried a bit. I think I was expecting too much, Culture, History. Exceptional Food. Sea. Sun. At the moment I am dreadful to walk back to the hotel. Passing those cheap bars and clubs….Is this for real?

Continue….this is just the arrival…..

Romantic Bruges

Everyone told me: I have to go to Bruges when I found a man to go with….

Well, its easier to find a cheap ticket!

Travelled form Brussels by train, easy and comfy. When arrived to Bruges I did not know what to expect but a mega romantic day.

We ( me and the man I found ) just followed the crowd with the thought it is a small town, we can not get lost. Ha! I can get lost anywhere!

The scenery of  Bruges is just purely gorgeous and yes, very, very romantic. Small streets, river, big trees, little pretty buildings and plenty tourist! Couples. Couples everywhere! Thanks for my friends suggestion and I did not come here by myself!

We walked. We laughed. We kissed and we fell in love with Bruges and each other. 

When we had enough wondering around, we start looking for somewhere to eat. Food is very important in both of our life. We passed this tiny wee pub where the sign on the window said: Beer tasting. Yes! Liquid lunch! What a place! You get blonde and dark beers to chose from plus you can have cheese or sausage to have with your beers. The sausages are hanging up at the bar and named after bedtime story characters. We had Bambi. My childhood got ruined and I felt guilty but…well it was rather delicious! The whole atmosphere was buzzing. People coming and going, drinking and eating. The barman told us about the beers or anything really we wanted to know. Very friendly dude! We got a bit tipsy so decided to seriously get some decent food. We found this good looking real Belgian restaurant and got some late lunch. Oh my! Those waffles! Hmmmm…..

I wanted to be extra romantic and go for a horse drawn carriage tour. Poor man! We seen them everywhere so followed them and got to this square in old town. They told us that is actually the resting place for them and we have to go the other side of the town to get the tour. Mega romantic experience ended without even started.  We could not be bothered just went for a wonder again. Yes. It is possible to get lost in Bruges! The day has gone and I was lucky to take every right turn and get back in time to the train station.

Bruges is nice. Well pretty, good food and lovely people. Negative side is full with tourists like no locals exist except the server in the bar we went.

I generally do not recommend it to any single person. I would have felt weird but with the right man on my side it was a very romantic and a brilliant day out!

Bruges image (19) image (23) image (20) image (18)






Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon. Everyone is talking about Blue Lagoon. The must to do in Iceland.

Well, I have tried as well.

We have booked to go before we were flying back home so we can have a really nice chilled day and remember our Iceland experience as the best. We packed in the morning and jumped into the bus to take us to Blue Lagoon. I was so exciting, I even put on my swimsuit.

We have arrived and the bus driver gave us the time when we have to go to the coach park to be taken to the airport. We had around 3 hours to spend. The place looked fantastic, could not wait to get in. Hmmm…good luck with that! The queue was so long and only three place to pay in at. Excellent. There were a few people who had pre bought  tickets already, they have got in pretty quickly. Not like us. After around half an hour finally managed to get a ticket, a bathrobe and towels. Let’s go!

I have quickly changed and wanted to run outside and….stopped. Freezing! The wind was extreme wild and cold. I can do it, I can do it. Robe down, freeze, in! Finally! I am into this water that not that hot I was expecting be honest. Moving around, try to find the hottest spot. There’s a bar where you can get drinks and the barman wearing the biggest jacket and gloves and hat. He must think we are absolutely crazy! We found some mud that you can put on your face and you will be beautiful. Obviously I have believed in it so put it on my face very thickly. The freezing wind got dry the mask in a minute. The water is ok but my ears! They are freezing! I hardly can enjoy this. The wind blow all the water into my face I can’t see a thing…it’s pretty funny though as this is everything g but relaxing. I have spotted a sauna but had to leave the water for it. No way, I can’t do it. We have laughed a lot with my friends but after a while decided to get out of the water and get some warm cloth on. I needed like 20 minutes to be able to get out of the water, find my robe and literately run inside.

When I have dressed I went outside again. It is beautiful and I believe could be relaxing but not in the time I was there. I have to go back one day, possible summertime.

I wish I could write the same enthusiastic things like everyone else does about Blue Lagoon but the whole experience I have got is far too cold and not a big deal. I have been better spas in different countries, however I still recommend to everyone to go as you live just once.

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image (15)

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THE Northern lights

I always, I mean ALWAYS wanted to experience this! I thought this is just a kind of tourist calling nice pictures…hmmm welcome in this world Katalin!
Happened we had dinner with my friends and somehow we were checking flights…Iceland. Should we? Boom! In!
In January the day came and we jetted off to Reykjavik for few days. We have booked numerous tours to see everything. Special THE Northern lights!
We managed to find a company who guaranties an another tour if you don’t see them. You know, just to be on a safe side.
Tuesday night. Ready, a minibus picking us up and few other folks. I’m SO excited!
The driver is an old Icelandic, not seen bothered however constantly on his mobile…driving, talking…driving, talking. I get losing my excitement and get slightly annoyed when we suddenly stop middle of nowhere. Surrounded with volcanic mountains. From the minibus he tries to convince us we so see something on the sky. Yeah sure, just to make sure they don’t have to take us out again.
Ok. Out of the bus. Jeez! Extremely cold! There’s a white line on the sky. This is suppose to be THE lights?
I get annoyed and to beat the cold start sliding on the field that covered by thick ice. The sky is very clear, see the moon and all the starts. Thousand! They look so close, like I can touch them! Looking the sky, sliding on the ice…getting tired and just wanna go back when my friend inform me we are staying another 30/40 minutes!
I give up…this is not how it was in the movies…Remember Joanna Lumley? She goes to see the northern lights and she is speechless and start crying. That’s the effect I want!
Hmmm let’s try to get the best out of this…stars, moon, sliding on ice…not bad. Deep, different thought coming and going in my head about life, family, friend, future when I hear something. It’s coming from the minibus. I turn my head around and see the folks looking up the sky.
I look up and…oh my word! What’s this? This is incredible! Above the mountains lights start dancing on the sky while a shooting star cross the sky and wink on me. I can’t speak, I can’t move, I can’t feel the cold. I just stand and watch something that nobody an describe. The lights are all over the sky. I want to lie down the ground to see all. I think I’m in the sky…I’m floating… Incredible! I suddenly noticed my tears rolling down my face. Joanna Lumley has not lied.
When I tried to tell people how was it I described like you play with a torch behind close curtains and some lights are coming through sometimes. It’s no curtains there. It’s not torch. It’s nature.
I’m an ultimate non believer. Northern lights are something you believe in. You have to experience this and start believing.

” Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. “

Ps. Our tour guide was the best. He was on his phone to get the best spot to see the lights. Apparently has not been so strong showing for days. We met people who never seen it. Our tour booked through getyourguide and a massive thank you for our guide who’s nickname was Gummi. He gave us something that never will forget.




Shopping experience in Marrakech

Girls in Marrakech. What to do? Shopping. As almost everyone know Marrakech is really famous of the huge market, Djemaa el Fna. The must. You shop, eat, drink, watching different performances, see monkeys, get henna or getting sold for a few hundred camels…the whole place is a huge chaos. It’s unreal! The colours, the people, the hassle, the tourists wow! It’s like you get into a crazy movie!
You have to try the fresh squeezed orange juice, the fruits, the nuts…everything. I don’t thing I ever eat so many different things in my life in one day! People offers you anything and everything. My favourite shops were the ” come in come in, original fake ” and all the big names with small labels…surreal. If Darren Spaziani seen this before he started at Louis Vuitton…
Shoes. They go in, they get your favourite colours and the design you adore to and if they don have it in your size, you get a mint tea and wait, another mint tea and boom! Shoes ready! Crazy!
We have bought all the colour of the rainbow.
Scarves. Any colour, any design. Amazing. They bring another one, similar, different, big or small whatever you want. It’s like you are in heaven…and they make you feel like the most important and most beautiful woman in this planet. All of that for hardly any money. Everything is so cheap!
You start wondering around, get deep into the market. You’ll see miracle. You generally could buy anything! However we were so amazed by all the goods ones we noticed we don’t know which way we came in or which way we should leave. We went right, left, forward, back. Nothing. Total lost. Panicked. Proper panick. Suddenly the whole place got too crowded, noisy, people one a piece of you…
I slightly remembered where was that nice guy we just bought some weird spices so we headed back there. Yes! We found him and asked him to take us out of this labyrinth. Bless him. I’m total sure he thought we were some crazy chicks. Finally we’ve got out! I’m think without his help we still would be there and still shopping or rather crying in the corner.

“I believe that Marrakech ought to be earned as a destination. The journey is the preparation for the experience. Reaching it too fast derides it, makes it a little less easy to understand.”
― Tahir Shah, In Arabian Nights