Love affair in Budapest

Love is a miracle!

KaTa Voyage

I’ve been in Budapest only a day and I felt something different. First I did not notice what was that and during a nice warm evening I crossed Erzsebet square and boom! I’ve noticed.
The people. They love each other and they show that for everyone! They are holding hands, they are kissing, they are cuddling! You are walking on the street and couples are walking hand in hand. They sit on the bench and kissing. They are standing in the queue and cuddling each other. I’ve been in many places and never seen couples are give so much attention to each other. Not badly just in nice way, just in the most romantic way. They are smiling to each other, they are giving many kisses, they are in love. No, not just teenagers who just started seeing each other. Not at all. Middle age, young, old couples…everyone. I’ve been…

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The Danube Swabians and The Fasching – Carneval time!

I am about to tell you some tradition. This traditions where’s my roots from.

The Danube Swabians ( aka Danube Germans, in German Dounaushwaben ) is the name of the language group who has been living in Hungary does speak German, Swabian. The most majority of us came from Bavaria, Swabia and Wurttemberg. The significant part of the Danube Schwabians in century of 19-20 are assimilated and absorbed into the Hungarian society, but some of them are still preserved in their native language and culture of the century.

The hungarian Schwabians make up the bulk of the German of Hungary ( Ungarndeutsche). The Germans in Hungary today is Hungary’s largest ethnicity. 

In February we do have The Fasching.

The Fasching – The prevalent name of the carneval southern Germany, Bavarian and Austrian counrtyside weeks before the Lenten period.

The highlight of the carneval of Hungarian Germans is the last three days before Ash Wednesday, from Carneval Sunday until the Tuesday of the Feast. We call ‘leave the meat Tuesday’. In those three days everyone had rested without work and the schools were closed as well. The adults are dressing up nicely and visit friends and families. Each of the three day’s evening balls was organised with plenty food, drinks and dance until the morning. On the third day, just before the beginning of Lent, the ball has came to an end at 11 o’clock in the evening. The carneval dance previously linked to the belief that the higher you jump while dancing, the higher the hemp will grow next year.

In the last three days of the carneval everyone ate and drunk a lot. Popular carneval food is the cooked cabbage with ham and stuffed cabbage. The food residue on Ash Wednesday was added to the hens feed mixing, placed in the circular shape twisted rope so that the hens were not going to go to the neighbour’s to laid their eggs.

The Carneval, Fasching season of the popular carneval cake donut ( Kreppl, Kropf ) Faschingkrapfen is traditionally stuffed with jam. It is very light and big dougnut that you just can not resist to eat more and more. Mostly you eat them with peach or strawberry jam. It is extremely delicious!!!

These kind of traditions might seem a bit strange for you and it is pretty laughable sometimes but I am telling you something: They are good. They keep the old times alive and make you feel proud of your childhood, your family and those plenty weird things that they have taught you.

I am proud and I am so grateful for people around me. For all my friends and my family. Love you all.


It’s not just me. It’s the city of Edinburgh

I had a customer tonight.

A girl from Toronto, currently living in London and teaching in primary school. Before she left, she asked me: Are you walking in Edinburgh’s streets every day to get to work? I was thinking, there we go, what’s wrong with these streets?! So I replied, yes I do. Every day. She said, I am so lucky. These streets are full with history. The architecture is just beautiful!
I know. I said and smiled. I know that well. Anytime I’m walking around Edinburgh even after 10 years, I am still amazed.
We had a chat about where they’ve been already and where to go.

This girl was purely amazed how beautiful Edinburgh is. THE city that makes you get goosebumps. Why? Come here and I’ll show you! Until then…there’s a few picture. Enjoy!







Valentines Day thoughts

Valentines Day. I am not fuss about it as I think Valentine’s Day is more a created commercial day than a day that you “must” celebrate with a loved one. If you lucky enough to find THE one then you should love him/her every day. Should be there for him/her and make sure he/she knows how important that person in your life. Every day. It’s hard but the toughest job is a happy relationship.
So well…. try to make every day as a Valentine’s Day!

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Dr. Seuss


Winter Walking in Edinburgh

On Sunday’s when we are lucky and the sun is out we just get up and go for a walk.

Edinburgh is amazing city and provide you anything. This place where we went just outskirt of Edinburgh. 15 min drive from middle of the centre where I live or 30 min by bus. Pentland hills, Harlow reservoir.

The pictures are talking for thousand words.









I am back! Am I?

Hi. It’s me. Remember? The girl who start doing a blog and got lost…got lost in everyday life and forgot or no not forgot just did not make time for something that she likes. She likes sit down on the beach, in the living room, in a cafe or anywhere and put down her thoughts in writing. The feelings, the places, the people…all that is there. It’s so many! Why I have not made time to do it? Why my job, my dinner, my evening, my morning, my anything was more important than sit down for an hour and just write out those crazy and beautiful thoughts that had been in my head? Was I scared? Was I just lazy? Was I just got jailed by everyday life? I dont know…I am not sure but I do not like it. I don’t like not be able to do that makes me happy. This. This makes me happy. Might nobody read it, might nobody care but it’s out. All these thoughts are out.

When I was a teenager I had a diary. Medium sized book, my diary. I have put my feelings and my days there. I still have it somewhere. Old times. Now I have my blog. Most of the time I put down my thoughts about places, my journey and what I have felt and experienced. Now it is different and if you don’t like this difference I am sorry…but this has to come out. I feel bad. I feel I stopped to do something that I wanted and I loved doing! Why would I do that? No. I am here. I am here again! Whatch this place! Kat is back!

” I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy “

Pitlochry and The Enchanted Forest 

Pitlochry for me is the cutest and the most Scottish little town in Perthshire. It’s between Perth and Inverness, easy access by train from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

When you arrive you instantly get this ‘wow this is Scotland! ‘ feeling. Lots of small shops, coffee houses, pubs all with pure Scottish interior. Most people coming here to chill, eat and do some walks in the beautiful nature of Scotland. There’s longer walks that goes for 5 hours or small once that’s only 1 hour and 30 min. It’s up to you. I preferred to chilled at the open fire, eat scones and drink scotch. What an amazing moment!
I have stayed at Knockendarroch House hotel that’s 5 min from the centre and takes you back in time and magically transform you to some happy, chilled person. My view was the mountains that coloured by autumn leaves and was just incredible! I have spent the afternoon walk around Pitlochry and the early evening in the hotel. That was the best choice I ever had!
However after dinner I had to leave.
I’ve got ticket to see the enchanted forest. That’s the oldest forest in Scotland that lightened up for 2 weeks in October. You have to go to catch the bus that takes you there for free. Only max 10 minute ride. I felt like a children! I was so excited to see something magical! I was so happy! When arriving you just wonder around and be amazed. I certainly felt like a child again and I definitely think everyone should see this once in their life! Every year they have different lights and music so you even could go back! Tickets are £20 and sell out pretty quickly so you have to plan ahead. I have spent around one and half an hour there and was heading back to my comfy hotel…
Please note, you can not go there by car which was a surprise to me so you must get the buses from centre Pitlochry front of Fisher hotel.

“Magic can be found in stolen moments.”

Francesca Lia Block

Pitlochry 029 Pitlochry 032 Pitlochry 052 Pitlochry 053 Pitlochry 057 Pitlochry 064 Pitlochry 068 Pitlochry 085 Pitlochry 097 Pitlochry 107 Pitlochry 118 Pitlochry 124

A day in Haarlem, Holland

Haarlem is a very cute Dutch city. It’s 20 min away to north from Amsterdam by train. I went there only for a day to see my very good friend, Chantal.
When we arrived, I already felt in love this place. As is in Holland, canals and bridges slice the city through. There’s a very historic square in the center where you can find the city hall and plenty very beautiful small/big restaurants. From Japanese ’til the French…everything. We went to Birkman’s. I think that must be one of the oldest place there, reflects the posh old years. Whatever you do in Holland and wherever you are you must get meatballs and cheese. ( Gehaktballen ) First when I had cheese and I saw people put mustard on it.. well I was thinking: hmmm interesting. Now, I eat cheese with mustard. The meatballs are awesome! Could eat hundreds!
We had too much food already in the morning so decided to walk and find Cathedral of Saint Bavo.We’ve seen on the map that’s a bit outside of Haarlem but didn’t mind. After walking for a good while and not seen anything that could look like a cathedral, we finally admitted, we have got lost. As usual. Never mind! While tried to find our way I’ve seen bridges that opens for the tall boats, houses that’s on the water, funny bicycles and streets that one of the prettiest I’ve seen for a while. I love Holland and I love Haarlem. So clean, simple and no any sign of stress. People are nice and friendly…I felt happy. Very happy. We have seen a well pretty windmill, a huge impressive cathedral, the Grote Kerk church, the Teylers museum…everything that you must just in a few hours. What I really loved was sitting at the square and watching people. Sun was shining, my friend was sitting next to me, my wine was on the table with some cheese and I just felt happy.
I felt happy because I’m alive, I’ve got a great friend, I see places, I have someone to go home to, I have a great life…
“Let us to be grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom ” 
Cheese Haarlem8 Haarlem7 Haarlem6 Haarlem5 Haarlem4 Haarlem3 Haarlem2 Haarlem

The beautiful Perthshire, Aberfeldy


The boy had his birthday so I decided the best present he can receive is a few days getaway with me in the beautiful Perthshire, Scotland.

Ok, I’m not sure the ‘with me’ was very successful but Perthshire definitely.
So we’ve got into the car and go!
It’s not bad, around 1 hour 40 min drive from Edinburgh. I have booked a well pretty B&B near to Aberfeldy. The Steadings. Very pretty place middle of nowhere. When we arrived we were just sitting outside and watched the mountains front of us. Obviously started to rain so decided to drive back to Aberfeldy and look around. That did not take long. It’s a very small village! Little cute one with a watermill, cinema and pubs. I read somewhere, there’s a walk route that takes only 2 miles and apparently Robert Burns use to walk along there and getting inspiration for his poems. If that was good for him, would be good for us. Birks of Aberfeldy. The rain finally stopped and we asked the locals about the walking path. Such a lovely people! We have got the direction and left.
When we start walking to the path I was thinking why the boy don’t prefer something like superbike or the formula 1…I don’t need to walk there this much….
Well I’m glad he is not. That walk is just beautiful. There goes along a wee river, full with waterfalls and I just felt free. The sun start shining and everything was just so mysterious. Something about that place is very different. I would not have been surprised if Robert Bruce walk along on his horse! ( not sure he had any but my imagination is very wicked )
We just walked around slowly and I felt like we have got back in the past and this mystery was in the air and came with the beautiful waterfalls! I never felt like that. It was weird and exciting. Everyone should find that walk and go along! We have seen only two other people all way long but might just because we have got there just after the rain. Don’t know. Don’t want to know why I just enjoyed the moment. Walk around, stop and glaze the waterfalls, the trees, the nature. I didn’t want to leave but after a while the route takes you back where you started. I’m not surprised that anyone could get many inspiration there. It’s mystery and it’s very, very peaceful!
I love Scotland. I love it with my heart.





My day in Valletta

My first day in Malta and I am really eager to get to Valletta as soon as I can.

Big early breakfast in my hotel ( oh, those fresh waffles! ) and go!

Local bus is amazing! Only 1.5 euro a day ticket and takes you everywhere in the island. Perfect. From my hotel to Valletta I needed 30 minute. The route was just beautiful, along the sea…enjoyed it a lot! Arriving to Valletta I had no plan only a map. Let’s go!

We were walking miles and miles pretty much in silent. This city is just incredible. You can see those incredible small houses, the beautiful balconies, the Maltese people smile…everything just so chilled here, just so different. I do not think the locals dictionary got a word ‘stress’ in it! I feel like floating...the whole atmosphere, the history, the smell….They even have a horse carriage that I have missed out in Bruges. One boy on those carriage was extreme good and managed to convince us we do need to take that ride. Actually…yes we did. I have never been in horse carriage before special not with THE man! The boy who convinced us was very informative so be honest was a good choice to take it. He told us a lot about Valletta and even taken pictures of us. How cute!

As the day got hotter we decided to sit in a shadow for some late lunch. We picked a restaurant just outside at the library. Best place for people watching as well. We ordered a real Maltese platter and a cold glass of Maltese rose…what a day!

After the satisfying lunch and a little break in shadow, we still had a lot to see and experience. There was an art festival in Valletta so we were able to see some local masterpiece. Jewellery, paintings and clothes. Very interesting and fascinating.

Unfortunately we not have stayed for the night so I missed the lights of the city but maybe it was in purpose. I want to go back. I definitely will.

Valletta is something that you have to experience special if you like history and culture.

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