Get outside! Pentland Hills Regional Park – Edinburgh


You wouldn’t believe this but just a wee bus ride ( or car ) and you can enjoy the beautiful nature in Edinburgh.



The Pentland Hills Regional Park offers everything that you need when you had enough of the city life. Sculpted by glaciers and water, then shaped by people’s interactions over thousands of years, the Pentland Hills are a special place for everyone. Look at this photo! It is like a painting!



You can be adventurous and climb high hills or just take the dog for a walk. Or yourself. If you don’t have a dog. When I had enough of people, traffic, noise and need some fresh air and green nature then I go here. If you go the way to Balerno take the path from the bus stop you’ll see the differences straight away! The reservoir, the hills, the lambs and people. Actually people are chilled and even say hello to you, the hills are quiet and demanding and the water is still and clean. Sometimes even the sun is out! Yep, never forget we are in Scotland!

Pentland8 Pentland4

Pentland6 Pentland7
Best place to clean you’re head and feel energized! Try it next time! Instead of sitting on sofa and watch telly. It will make you feel good and alive!
That’s important. Be alive! 

Szentendre – A Day trip from Budapest


Szentendre is just outside of Budapest. 20 km north of Budapest on Danube Bend. 

The place of cobblestone street, churches, museums and art galleries. Just need to catch HÈV train from Margit Hid. It takes 40 min and around £5 return ticket.
Pictures 575 Pictures 579 Pictures 570
When I’ve got there I just walked into the centre. The village centres around a small triangular square where you can get a carriage ride but walking is just easy! The streets are full with art shops, little museums and plenty open air restaurants and cafe to tempt you. I was lucky, the sun was out on the day I visited this beautiful place. Everyone was just walking around the wee streets, sitting outside for a coffee or having some drinks and food. It was really busy but still seemed peaceful. When you are walking around you can not miss to have an ice cream from one of the ice cream shops that offers handmade ice cream. That’s the must!
Pictures 578 Pictures 582 Pictures 580
After that take a walk to see the Danube. Sit down and enjoy! I was just sitting on the rocks, eating my ice cream and was just watching the peaceful Danube. You could go for a boat trip, a coach trip an any trip but I would suggest to stop. Stop for a moment, sit down and enjoy the atmosphere and the view. You are not getting this everywhere. You are not really getting this anywhere else really! 
Pictures 572 Pictures 577 Pictures 583


Killing time at the airport 


I love travel that includes spending lots of time at airports. I have to admit I don’t mind it at all. I love airports. Something about them it’s really mystery. Those many different people spending hours together in one place without even notice it. Airport is the ultimate best place for people watching. That’s what I do all the time. So many stories. So many life! You remember the movie Love Actually? At the end of the story when everyone is at the airport greeting each other? I always cry…

Anytime I travel somewhere I make sure I go to the airport early. Yes to make sure I won’t miss my flight. Ha! Not! The real reason is to shop, eat, drink and just to be there. ( now I totally given out myself to my fiancé. Great. )
I spend most of my time at the Edinburgh Airport. I like the shops, bars, business lounge. It’s not a huge airport but you find anything that you need. I always say I won’t buy anything just looking. It doesn’t work. You are on holiday. The world is yours. If you want a fifth shades that’s not grey why not? ( just noticed what I’ve done there ha ha )
My weakness lists are:
  1. make up ( that I never use )
  2. alcohol
  3. shades.

Pictures 200 Pictures 201

Pictures 202

The ultimate treat is always the same. Moët Champagne and Seafood bar. That is my favourite place ever. It is tradition now. A glass of champagne. I am actually pretty upset when I have an extra early flight, mostly when I go for a city break, and the bar is not open yet. I have to get a coffee from Costa. Cheers! It’s not the same but understandable I can’t get tipsy in the early morning. The feeling when I sit at that champagne bar and I know I’m about to get away somewhere exciting and somewhere different that is just priceless. Sometimes I am making up stories while watching people. My imagination is absolute crazy. Actually I’m wondering sometimes how much it’s my imagination and how much could be true. I think that at every airport should have a box where you can leave your life story or just a story of the day. Can you imagine how amazing posts that would be when someone put them all together in a blog?

Pictures 203 Pictures 204
I can’t wait to get back to the airport again. I can’t wait to have my glass of Moet and watch people again!Ultimate happiness!
“If traveling was free, you’d never see me again”
Pictures 600

Painting Easter Egg 

That’s a very old tradition to paint Easter eggs. It’s a female job at Easter time. Every girl making beautiful eggs for the boys when they are coming on Easter Monday to ‘watering them”. Yes. They do. This is goes back time years and years ago….there’s the explanation of it, it’s just too funny…

“Traditionally on Easter Monday the boys visited the girls, recited a poem and doused them with buckets of water to ensure they become good wives and bare many children. This tradition has both Christian and pagan roots. In exchange for the dousing the girls would reward their visitors with Easter eggs, chocolate treats and a shot of pálinka. Today, perfume is sprinkled on the women instead of water.”

I’m in Hungary this year so hope I will be sprinkled by some nice Hungarian boys! I want to make sure I have some beautiful painted eggs to give it to them. I have asked my bro’s girlfriend to help me. I haven’t done this for many years, actually had so much fun! I have broken only one!!! Result! 
I’m really excited about Monday morning. Traditionally on Easter Sunday you are going to the Easter Ball. Most of the boys are going to sprinkle the girls straight after the ball so they are basically drunk for a day! I’ll take pictures… be continued…. 










Easter tradition in Hungary 

For the real Hungarian Easter the table is full with tradition Easter food. It’s nothing else then Ham with some cooked eggs, radish, pepper, spring onions and a braided Easter loaf. The accompaniments include mustard, radishes, and young onions. “No Easter meal is complete without ham,” according to tradition. Back in time, years and years ago the ham and the loaf was taken to the church to be blessed by the priest after Mass. On the farm, when a pig is slaughtered, the best ham is reserved for Easter, and cured or smoked with extra care. Also it’s an old saying that you can not bake bread because you’ll became a stone statue…I know, don’t ask….ha ha 



On Easter Saturday everyone goes to the church for the big Easter Mass. Everyone dressing up traditionally or these days just nicely but definitely putting on the nicest piece from the wardrobe. Well might not everyone does but they should. 



After the mass everyone goes home with the family and eats the tradition Ham. That’s the time when the 40 days fast is over. All the food and drinks are on the table and everyone have a big meal together. I love Easter food. It’s the first sign of the spring. It’s fresh and new. Usual the weather is already warm and sunny. Of course not now when I’m spending my time in Hungary but usual is….People are smiling and happy. Easter is beautiful! I remember when I was a kid I always was looking forward Easter. In Germany and in Hungary it’s a big, big traditional festival. It’s not all about presents or anything. It’s about tradition and family. 

I’m so happy I’m able to spend this time in Hungary this year! 



Day of shopping in Budapest 

It was a Tuesday morning in Budapest. I had no plans. The day was grey and wet. No any sunshine. What’s the best to do? Go shopping! 

I have contacted to my friend to get advice where are the best places to go shopping in Budapest. I know there’s plenty huge shopping malls but wasn’t sure which one is the best. I’m not a real shopping girl. I can’t go for hours and hours and buy many useless pieces. I’d rather bargains and something different. I don’t like the same stuff that you can find on every shelves in the shops. That day had no differences. 
I was told to go to Vorosmarty square, the heart of the city. That is the place where I can find everything apparently. It seemed like. Budapest centre is a huge shopping place! Amazing shops everywhere! You can find high street names at the square and high quality designers on Andrassy avenue. 


However my interest focused more on proper Hungarian shops. I found few really beautiful authentic shops with exceptional quality clothes and goodies. I found this wee shop in the corner of one of the street in the centre. They were selling handmade leather gloves. The shop looked liked a left over gem from the 80’s with very professional made goods in it. My other favourite was an old tie shop and old handmade shoe shop and those real Hungarian traditional “paprika” shops. 
The most beautiful looking one named Philanthia, which was a flower shop. Look at this picture!
After all I have walked all way down the avenue looking at the designer windows. No I haven’t gone inside. I have not! I even left home my credit card! Was hard, very hard! I have passed the Opera House and many awesome looking pubs and restaurants. While I was walking I have seen a huge chocolate shop featuring Easter chocolates and seen a really nice flowers shop on the street! Extremely cute. 


I made my way to one of the most well known shopping mall, West End City Centre. They have a fountain and a waterfall inside the shop. Yes. They do. So many floors with many, many, many and more shops. If you are not able to find something to buy here then I’m sorry but you have a problem. There’s everything, from jewellery ’til sexy outfit. My favourite found was this two:


I wasn’t sure it was a joke or they were actually selling this. They were. I could have bought them. No. I can hear you. I did not! 
I came home exhausted. Poured a glass of Chardonnay from Polgar vinery Villany and let that many things in my head to sink in. Think about culture, fashion and life in Budapest. I think tomorrow I rather use my energy for sightseeing. 

“Shopping the fine art of acquiring things you don’t need ” 

Ups and Downs…

Every day is different. You’re up and your down. It’s depend on weather, work, the way you slept, the way you woken up, the people around you….many many others. 

I had my birthday the other day and did not feel the urge to go and celebrate at all. Why? I don’t know. Actually I think I finally getting realised I’m not 21 any longer. It is just hit me suddenly. I remember when I was young and seen and known woman in my age I thought they were old. Boom. Let’s this sink in!
I have thought you always as old as you feel yourself. I felt my age. Especially because few people around me was not really the nicest. It was hurting but nothing you can do. People are different. Some of them unfortunately very thick and low mannered. They were targeting my blog and my ability to write. Which is fair enough as everyone know English is not my first language. However I would love to see other people special English spoken to learn other language in fluent. Not many of them capable to do that. Special the once who was targeting me! They are too lazy as most people speaking their language anyway. They think that’s enough. The effort and the sweat while you are learning another countries culture and language is that makes you much more than those people!
I never wanted a Nobel prize for things I’ve done in my life but I’d see few another people if they could do the same. It’s a long way and it’s not the easiest ride but when you have done it you became someone else than others who’s not and never will. That’s makes you feel stronger, even if you’re not.
After all there was a huge surprise. My work is a bit crazy now. It’s not the happiest place at the moment but it’s upon us to get the best out of the situation. We have got closer. The team just amazing and all of us just grabbed that we have. Us. Ourself and our hard work. They have done an unexpected move and got me a present. A mini IPad. The reason to help me writing my blog. They have no idea that was the biggest thing in the unbelievable RIGHT time that ever anyone could have done in my life! I could not speak when I saw it and I am just so so grateful. I believe that life always prove who you are. My life proves I am a blessed person. I’m blessed with people who believes me. That’s everything that you can get. Thank you all!
 ” Don’t doubt yourself, that’s what haters are for! ” 
IMG_0220 IMG_0212

Geneva the pleasant surprise

Geneva, oh Geneva… I’ve been thinking of you for years. I was wandering if you are rock or not….

I was reading Paulo Coelho’s  Adultery book that’s screened in Geneva. That was the last push to buy my ticket. I went for 2 days, 1 night. It’s enough. Not complete but it’s enough to see what Geneva is about. Arrived very early to the main train station. My hotel, Warvick Geneva was just 5 min walk away. Correctly 5 Min, not the 5 that takes 10 or 15! After a very warm welcome from the reception staff, I dropped my bag and let’s go!
Travel and Fun 047
I have this app on my phone that helps me to get around in cities. I need it because I’m extremely bad to get lost. When you have only 2 days somewhere you don’t want to spend it wondering around how to find the sights you want to see. So had my plan. Palace of Nation with the broken chair and Jet’D Eau THE symbol of Geneva. It’s easy. It’s seriously easy to walk around! Not a huge city. You can walk easily, if you don’t mind it of course. I was following my plan and for a late lunch time I was sitting front of Jet’D eau in the sunshine. I was people watching.
Travel and Fun 062
Travel and Fun 058 Travel and Fun 067 Travel and Fun 094 Travel and Fun 103
I noticed Geneva is clean and elegant. People seem healthy and good looking. Many, many people was out for a run. Apparently that’s really common here and I do understand. Running beside that beautiful lake can be something good to keep your running routine! I had some picnic lunch on the bench. Didn’t want to miss the sunshine in a restaurant. Eating my well expensive sandwich on the bench in the sunshine while looking at the lake and the fountain. Why on earth would I wish more than this? Never!
 IMG_0076 (1)
Travel and Fun 115
People I’ve seen…hmmmm…So there’s people who’s running, there’s people who’s walking, there’s tourist and travellers and there’s people who lives in Geneva. That people! Wearing fur and high designer sunglasses and having a tiny dog. Man and woman. The way they are holding them self is something very admirable. They look so rich and so high class! I loved it! I am sure all of them had a very expensive watch. Why? It’s Geneva! It’s the city of the well expensive amazing watches! At Pateck Phillips’s shop I even didn’t have balls to go in! It looks like a museum, a something that requires a pair of Louboutin when you step in. I had my walking boots on. I stayed away. Maybe next time. You never know!
Next time? Yes. Definitely. Geneva you’ll see me again!

‘Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a factor that decides between success and failure.’

Travel and Fun 122

Travel and Fun 121

Travel and Fun 143

Travel and Fun 133

Best Walk in London

I must be crazy! I had a long, long walk in London and I actually enjoyed it! A lot!

I have started at the Tower of London. I have stayed nearby at Apex Hotel so obvious I started my walk from there. So I walked all way through the walk path. When I reached the Millennium Bridge I have walked up to see St Paul’s Cathedral. That is such an impressive building I could not miss it out.

1 23

Back to the path and walk…I was so lucky, had such a nice and sunny day! It was actually warm! Just walked and walked, watched people and runners. So many of them! I reached Westminster and I stopped for 10 minutes. I think the Westminster bridge is one of the busiest. Whenever I am there is the same. Tourist try to get the best picture with the London Eye or with the famous clock. It is funny. I just stopped and watched people. I thought it would be much better for my legs if I take the tube but still had almost two hours to meet with my friend. No. I walk. Kept walking up to St James Park. Wow! I always forget that park is so pretty! How busy was it! Everyone was sitting or walking and having lunch mostly. So so many people! Everyone tried to get a minute of sunshine! Me too…but I had to keep going.


5 6

I have turned to Buckingham palace. I always and always wondering if the Queen will just pass me. Some reason she never does! Disappointment! I have passed Green Park and ended up at Dorchester Hotel. I was about to go and get a glass of Champagne. Why not? Well I noticed I never make it if I sit down for a glass of champagne so I was keep going. ( …and posssible I would have had a bottle of the nicest…hello credit card ) You can see the changes in this area.  Park Lane, Mayfair and surroundings. Cars, houses and people are much more high class. I felt much better. It’s so rich and nice! I have seen a few very impressive hotels and car shops…So expensive! Finally I have reached Marble Arch. I met there with my friend and I was there in time! Surprise, surprise! Just like I was planning this whole walk carefully! I have started my walk at 11 am and we met at 2 pm. Even if I am not the best at math that is 3 hours walk. Of course we were not sitting down. We went for a walk! Hyden park and Kensigton Palace and Royal Albert Hall. I have been in London so man y times and never seen the Kensigton Palace. Crazy. Seems a bit bigger than my apartment….

7 8 9 10 11 12

After the Royal Albert Hall we jumped to the bus. I wish I had some kind of up app or something that could tell me how many miles I have done and how much calorie I have burn. I am sure a lot! It was nice tho, I love walking. You see so much! Seriously. All the statues, buildings, parks and people…just everything. It’s fantastic!

However I am telling you a secret. This walk was yesterday. Today, hmmm I hardly can feel my legs! Well I can feel them as they are sore! A bit. It’s not too bad but be honest at least I feel I have done something! I had a 3 course meal last night to make sure I get back my calories!

Don’t be afraid to walk. It is nice, special when the sun is out. Get up and go!

Edinburgh Fashion Week launch with my eyes

I went along for the launch event of Edinburgh Fashion Week. I don’t do fashion blogging or anything like that but I do love fashion and I’m good at it. No, not like this cool fashion bloggers who has crazy hair colours and put everything bright and unusual on themselves and claiming they are very fashionable. No. I’m just simple and classy. What I go crazy with that’s the shoes, handbags and shades. Shoes can be very different, handbags are bright and shades are huge! Be honest I was a bit nervous to attend but I dressed up, put some make up on and went along. I was wearing Zara’s leather look black skirt, Asos block wood heel black boots and my beige Hugo Boss trench. All to spice it up with my gorgeous Alexander McQueen scarf and Marc Jacobs orange suede clutch. I had no craziness on me but I believe I suited there. The event was at the Mound in a Marquee. There were few pop up shops. One of my favourite, K by Kakao. Such a lovely independent shop in heart of Edinburgh! There was also a nice bar with Pickering’s Gin. That made me feel relaxed! Also VIP area, prosecco from G&V Hotels and a stand if you’d fancy to sign up to the huge charity event, Moonwalk. I’ve done that few years ago with a good friend of mine and was a great, great night! Although I forgot how cold could be in Scotland during night despite the event is in May! About the catwalks? Yeah, they were good. Some of the models were funny a bit but at least broken the seriousness of the event. Boys were hot and the audience were very mixed. I have seen young clearly blogger girls, middle-aged classy ladies, older and more classy woman just as many as housewife and serious fashion people. Also a few strangers who was just running into the tent because the rain. I’ve seen the John Lewis show where’s a lady, a stylist of John Lewis talked about all the outfits. It was good and informative however could have looked a bit more professional than to read them all from a wee well used note-book. Music, lightening was all matching. Next one was the George Street show. Catwalk of the few shops with loud music and few new models. I liked the fact they mixed the female and male models. The show was very busy. There was a little panic at the beginning at the door who seats where but for the time when the catwalk started everyone was calm. I have seen a few really nice outfits and few one that is no way I would wear them. However I am very open minded and I like most of the ideas. I do have a lots of pieces that I love and I generally think they look great on people. BUT. That is the key moment in fashion. You can not wear everything. Some pieces you love but do not fit on you. You have to know which piece of fashion is yours. You can be anything as long your attitude and your personality match with the things you wear. I could wear outfits like Kim Kardashian but I would not feel good and don’t think for a second they would match with my personality and every day life. Some people try to copy big names, big people, artists, actors, bloggers. It is a real shame. I don’t know why they would like to look like just the same as anyone else? Where yourself hiding then? I think to be really fashionable you have to know how and what to wear together on yourself. Some people was born with that kind of skills, some of them studied in university, some of them do not care and never will. We are different. Everyone is different. That is why the fashion is for everyone. In Edinburgh this Fashion week is a big deal. It has not happened before ( as far as I know) but hopefully it will happen next year. It will improve year by year. It has to. For the start this launch weekend was good. A good fashion show for Edinburgh and the people in it. One point I felt everyone kind of knows each other but when it will grow it will lose this little magic. I had a personal catwalk show once in Milan at Valentino’s. I have no clue what they thought who I was but it was very interesting. I’m sure they mixed me with someone important. One dress costed more than my year of salary. Here in Edinburgh this weekend I felt like more normal. More affordable and more home. In Milan obviously the professionalism was extra high just as high as the price tag. I liked both. The only different, I can afford and go shopping in Edinburgh.

“Fashion Changes but style endures”

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