The beautiful Perthshire, Aberfeldy


The boy had his birthday so I decided the best present he can receive is a few days getaway with me in the beautiful Perthshire, Scotland.

Ok, I’m not sure the ‘with me’ was very successful but Perthshire definitely.
So we’ve got into the car and go!
It’s not bad, around 1 hour 40 min drive from Edinburgh. I have booked a well pretty B&B near to Aberfeldy. The Steadings. Very pretty place middle of nowhere. When we arrived we were just sitting outside and watched the mountains front of us. Obviously started to rain so decided to drive back to Aberfeldy and look around. That did not take long. It’s a very small village! Little cute one with a watermill, cinema and pubs. I read somewhere, there’s a walk route that takes only 2 miles and apparently Robert Burns use to walk along there and getting inspiration for his poems. If that was good for him, would be good for us. Birks of Aberfeldy. The rain finally stopped and we asked the locals about the walking path. Such a lovely people! We have got the direction and left.
When we start walking to the path I was thinking why the boy don’t prefer something like superbike or the formula 1…I don’t need to walk there this much….
Well I’m glad he is not. That walk is just beautiful. There goes along a wee river, full with waterfalls and I just felt free. The sun start shining and everything was just so mysterious. Something about that place is very different. I would not have been surprised if Robert Bruce walk along on his horse! ( not sure he had any but my imagination is very wicked )
We just walked around slowly and I felt like we have got back in the past and this mystery was in the air and came with the beautiful waterfalls! I never felt like that. It was weird and exciting. Everyone should find that walk and go along! We have seen only two other people all way long but might just because we have got there just after the rain. Don’t know. Don’t want to know why I just enjoyed the moment. Walk around, stop and glaze the waterfalls, the trees, the nature. I didn’t want to leave but after a while the route takes you back where you started. I’m not surprised that anyone could get many inspiration there. It’s mystery and it’s very, very peaceful!
I love Scotland. I love it with my heart.





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