Beautiful Pitlochry and the enchanted forest

Pitlochry for me is the cutest and the most Scottish little town in Perthshire. It’s between Perth and Inverness, easy access by train from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

When you arrive you instantly get this ‘wow this is Scotland! ‘ feeling. Lots of small shops, coffee houses, pubs all with pure Scottish interior. Most people coming here to chill, eat and do some walks in the beautiful nature of Scotland. There’s longer walks that goes for 5 hours or small once that’s only 1 hour and 30 min. It’s up to you. I preferred to chilled at the open fire, eat scones and drink scotch. What an amazing moment!
I have stayed at Knockendarroch House hotel that’s 5 min from the centre and takes you back in time and magically transform you to some happy, chilled person. My view was the mountains that coloured by autumn leaves and was just incredible! I have spent the afternoon walk around Pitlochry and the early evening in the hotel. That was the best choice I ever had!
However after dinner I had to leave.
I’ve got ticket to see the enchanted forest. That’s the oldest forest in Scotland that lightened up for 2 weeks in October. You have to go to catch the bus that takes you there for free. Only max 10 minute ride. I felt like a children! I was so excited to see something magical! I was so happy! When arriving you just wonder around and be amazed. I certainly felt like a child again and I definitely think everyone should see this once in their life! Every year they have different lights and music so you even could go back! Tickets are £20 and sell out pretty quickly so you have to plan ahead. I have spent around one and half an hour there and was heading back to my comfy hotel…
Please note, you can not go there by car which was a surprise to me so you must get the buses from centre Pitlochry front of Fisher hotel.

“Magic can be found in stolen moments.”

Francesca Lia Block

Pitlochry 029 Pitlochry 032 Pitlochry 052 Pitlochry 053 Pitlochry 057 Pitlochry 064 Pitlochry 068 Pitlochry 085 Pitlochry 097 Pitlochry 107 Pitlochry 118 Pitlochry 124

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