Diane Spencer’s commedy at Fringe

I was out all day with my friend on Fringe. We meet every year and spend a day out just to enjoy the crowd. So we were just sitting at Gilded Balloon and we were actually searched on our phone what should be the next step. We eat and we drunk also we were about to get a move and do something. When this girl came along. She started talking that she has a show and she would be happy if we can go and see the show because she has this comedy about find her first love and getting a house together…She was just so sweet and said it is such a nice change because we are listening to her and smiling! She gave us her leaflet and one ticket. Well we were like: ” Ok…why not? She’s sweet, pretty girl we can listening her how she moved in with boyfriend and all this girly thing.” It’s a bit cheesy but I’m about to move into a house that we bought together with my fiancé so….why not?!

So this sweet girl name is Diane Spencer and according her leaflet she’s pretty cool. Got awards, performed all over the world and she is the 5th! hottest performer in Fringe. Only 5th?

We went to buy another ticket for £9.00 and went along. The queue was already pretty long and as we were not surprised, most of them males. Full house! So this people does know her or just came along by chance as we did?
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The show started and Diane got up to the stage. Nothing fancy just a jeans and shirt. She starts her story that she is meeting with her love of her life and deciding to buy a house…and BOOM! The surprise! This sweet pretty girl is actually a filthy, well funny comedian!!! I was laughing a lot on her very sarcastic and excellent humour and story telling ability. NOt mention the sex involved part of the comedy…Her story and I believe her life is really funny and very enjoyable. I’m not sure it says anywhere but do not take children under ( this days I believe ) 14… However if you can go along and see her then please do it! She’s managed to push back my believes in funny comedians and the whole fringe festival in Edinburgh. 
Well done For Diane Spencer and her boyfriend! Hope they will get married soon and do a stand up about it. I definitely would love to see that!
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Edinburgh Fashion Week launch with my eyes

I went along for the launch event of Edinburgh Fashion Week. I don’t do fashion blogging or anything like that but I do love fashion and I’m good at it. No, not like this cool fashion bloggers who has crazy hair colours and put everything bright and unusual on themselves and claiming they are very fashionable. No. I’m just simple and classy. What I go crazy with that’s the shoes, handbags and shades. Shoes can be very different, handbags are bright and shades are huge! Be honest I was a bit nervous to attend but I dressed up, put some make up on and went along. I was wearing Zara’s leather look black skirt, Asos block wood heel black boots and my beige Hugo Boss trench. All to spice it up with my gorgeous Alexander McQueen scarf and Marc Jacobs orange suede clutch. I had no craziness on me but I believe I suited there. The event was at the Mound in a Marquee. There were few pop up shops. One of my favourite, K by Kakao. Such a lovely independent shop in heart of Edinburgh! There was also a nice bar with Pickering’s Gin. That made me feel relaxed! Also VIP area, prosecco from G&V Hotels and a stand if you’d fancy to sign up to the huge charity event, Moonwalk. I’ve done that few years ago with a good friend of mine and was a great, great night! Although I forgot how cold could be in Scotland during night despite the event is in May! About the catwalks? Yeah, they were good. Some of the models were funny a bit but at least broken the seriousness of the event. Boys were hot and the audience were very mixed. I have seen young clearly blogger girls, middle-aged classy ladies, older and more classy woman just as many as housewife and serious fashion people. Also a few strangers who was just running into the tent because the rain. I’ve seen the John Lewis show where’s a lady, a stylist of John Lewis talked about all the outfits. It was good and informative however could have looked a bit more professional than to read them all from a wee well used note-book. Music, lightening was all matching. Next one was the George Street show. Catwalk of the few shops with loud music and few new models. I liked the fact they mixed the female and male models. The show was very busy. There was a little panic at the beginning at the door who seats where but for the time when the catwalk started everyone was calm. I have seen a few really nice outfits and few one that is no way I would wear them. However I am very open minded and I like most of the ideas. I do have a lots of pieces that I love and I generally think they look great on people. BUT. That is the key moment in fashion. You can not wear everything. Some pieces you love but do not fit on you. You have to know which piece of fashion is yours. You can be anything as long your attitude and your personality match with the things you wear. I could wear outfits like Kim Kardashian but I would not feel good and don’t think for a second they would match with my personality and every day life. Some people try to copy big names, big people, artists, actors, bloggers. It is a real shame. I don’t know why they would like to look like just the same as anyone else? Where yourself hiding then? I think to be really fashionable you have to know how and what to wear together on yourself. Some people was born with that kind of skills, some of them studied in university, some of them do not care and never will. We are different. Everyone is different. That is why the fashion is for everyone. In Edinburgh this Fashion week is a big deal. It has not happened before ( as far as I know) but hopefully it will happen next year. It will improve year by year. It has to. For the start this launch weekend was good. A good fashion show for Edinburgh and the people in it. One point I felt everyone kind of knows each other but when it will grow it will lose this little magic. I had a personal catwalk show once in Milan at Valentino’s. I have no clue what they thought who I was but it was very interesting. I’m sure they mixed me with someone important. One dress costed more than my year of salary. Here in Edinburgh this weekend I felt like more normal. More affordable and more home. In Milan obviously the professionalism was extra high just as high as the price tag. I liked both. The only different, I can afford and go shopping in Edinburgh.

“Fashion Changes but style endures”

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Dirty Dancing

Ok. I do not do reviews. I wanted when I have decided to have a blog but I have noticed so so many of us doing it and be honest…after a while it gets bored! I don’t want to be boring! But…I went to see Dirty Dancing last night. At the Playhoues in Edinburgh. They came back as everyone wanted them again. I am huge fun of Dirty Dancing. Baby, Johnny and Penny. Penny is the most beautiful girl who dance like a vision. I always thought that when I was younger and thought I never ever going to be like her. Nope. Never. I use to go dancing, I do dance might not as good as she can but the biggest problem I am a foodie. It’s no way I could live in brown rice and vegetable for month. However I still can watch her and them being beautiful and dancing and being in love!

Yes, I have been waiting for this moment for month, even years! I remember when this show was in London and that time I was going to London quiet often but somehow I never went to see it. This is my time!!!!

I dressed nice, I even put some make up on. I met with my friend and we had a bottle of Prosecco. Normal. I was so excited and nervous some reason I had to have some bubbles to calm me down. We were there in time, found our sit and boom! It started! The music…the songs…oh my songs!

It was like in the movie, the same script, the same words, the same music and same people. No actually not. Baby, she looked very very similar to Jennifer Grey but Johnny. Johnny for me is Patrick Swayze. No way you can show me one woman who secretly not wanted to be lifted up by Patrick Swayze! Yep. That’s what I am talking about!

They dances, they talked, they laughed…they were good. The girl who played Penny, she was amazing! Her dance moves! Wow! I was amazed! They all were amazing! They brought my dream alive! They showed me my favourite childhood movie can come alive.

At the end when the main music coming on and Jo

hnny jump up the stage to say her famous sentence: Nobody puts Baby in a corner! I had goosebumps, I have screamed and I sang…and I had a tear in my eyed. I don’t know how they managed to do this but thank you. I had a very special evening.  DirtyDancingIMG_5933 IMG_5938IMG_5939

Accommodation in Malta

So… I am here. In Malta.

When I booked this few days getaway through Lowcostholidays I was on a very tight budget and they had a pretty good offer for flight and hotel. Hotel was 3 star in St Julian’s where I wanted to stay as recommended. Can not be that bad.


When I have got closer to the date to leave I was checking the feedbacks and reviews that honestly got worst and worst. If I was alone I would not have cared as pretty much I just need a bed and a bathroom but I was not alone. I decided to give up on my new pretty handbag that was winking on me for weeks from the shop’s window and I did booked a better hotel. I managed to get a good price through an Internet booking side to Intercontinental Malta. However I managed to book only for 2 nights. I needed 3 nights. I was thinking: ‘ Right, we are arriving late anyway, like very late so we can survive a night in that 3 star hotel and next day we just going through the luxury.’ I’ve never been spoiled much in my life ( unless I spoiled myself ) so I thought that is the best plan.

Arriving to this 3 star hotel that looked a bit more tired than on the picture, even in the dark. After waiting while few people complaining at the reception I managed to get the key and find my room. It was on the 6th floor. No lift. How lucky I am I have only a hand luggage with me?!

Entered the room and tried to convent myself, it is not too bad…I was not very successful! Total disaster! Never stayed in place like that, ever! Only one night though, only one night…I will survive. In the morning, taken advantage on bed and breakfast rate we went to the breakfast room. Well if nothing else, I can have a coffee! Surprisingly the breakfast was not too bad but the face impression on the folks who were having breakfast there! It was rather funny. Yeah, we were laughing because we knew we are going to enter to the luxury in less than an hour!

As we did.

Picked up the bags and went to check in at Intercontinental Malta. What a place! Even if they had the worst room for me would have better than the room I have spent my last night! As soon I have stepped into the lobby I felt like a princess. Everyone smiled, everyone wanted us to be there. The whole place just so big and beautiful! They have THE most comfy bed, few relaxing bars, spa, swimming pool….everything. Even if I have to live on beans on toast for weeks this hotel worth anything. Worth to see how happy my man was, worth to see how much different you can buy with a credit card.

It is purely amazing and it is purely not. I was lucky because I could make this change and get a bit of luxury. However when I was lying on the hotel’s private beach ( yes private beach! ) I was thinking of those people who could not have this. It was funny for us to see the different but it is sad as well. Some fellas in that poor hotel seemed they just wanted a getaway as everyone else does and possible they were working hard for that holiday as much as I did.

I am just lucky I have a credit card and a job that I know it will allows me to pay it back in time.

” I think there is something about luxury, it is not something people need, but it is what they want. It really plus at their heart”


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