Magical Charmonix 

Have you heard of Charmonix? Maybe you’ve even been there?

I never. I never even heard of it! Last few years I haven’t been in skiing trips because I preferred to go to warm places. Silly, silly me!

Yes. So when my friend heard I’m going to Geneva he asked why am I not popping over to Charmonix. To where? Google. Map. Images. Convinced.

I’ve changed my hotel bookings quickly and booked a transport from Geneva to Chamonix. 

While our cool driver was driving us through the mountains I was staring out the window. Those mountains! The snow! I can not describe how much my excitement level raised! We were close, I felt it, very close. Is this one? Are we there? No. No….Yes! Chalets, roads, people…we have arrived!

I was jumping! This place looks like a wee jewellery box cuddling by the French Alps. I jumped out the car and was standing on the road. I looked up and there was I. In Chamonix; where people are walking in moon boots and sunglasses, carrying snowboards while those huge mountains are looking down and call us to go and explore! It’s like they are saying: Come on little person, take me! I’m your challenge for today!
There’s an easy way to explore without skiing. Train. There’s a wee red train that takes you up to Marce de Glacé. The view is incredible! When you arrive to 1931 meter up you feel you are free. You breath and you just glaze this beautiful mountains. They are there. They are there with all their proud.


You can go and explore. There’s a hotel. Grand Hotel. You know the movie Grand Hotel Budapest? That’s what came into my mind when I saw it. So similar! We went to climb the wee mountains around it. So much fun! Apparently was no snow for 3 weeks and I’m not joking; the snow was still up ’til my bum! ( I’m 172cm! )

I even made a snow angel!
You can climb up and you can slide down. Seriously! Never felt so stress free and happy when I was sliding down on that hill on my bum! Pure happiness!

So much fun! Nobody around you, nobody just you and the mountains. It’s beautiful and it’s very, very powerful!


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When you had enough you can go down with a cable car to see the ice cave. It’s fascinating. Wen you stand there you can hear the cracking noise of the ice. So scary!


When we had enough we were heading back to Charmonix. THE village. Full with beautiful, little restaurants and bars. You can’t see anyone in little black dress. Everyone is cosy and cool. However I have seen a blonde miss wearing a snow boots with high heels! Crazy! Winter fashion is my ever favourite! So much choice!

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Discover, eat, drink and laugh. You are in Charmonix. Enjoy it! 


Published by KaTa Voyage

I am a travel addict therefore in my brave moment I have set up my own independent travel agency. I am able to organise holidays, travels or weekend getaways. Learning every day and getting more and more suppliers to work with me. I am a wine and champagne lover. I LOVE visiting vineyards! Also I have a dog who keeps me granted and make me to go for big walks to enjoy Scotland's beautiful nature.

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