Rick’s – The classy dining experience in Edinburgh

I was lucky enough to be invited over for a new menu launch for Rick’s by Zomato. I know Rick’s. Everyone does who lives in Edinburgh. It’s at the west end and it’s cool. It’s always been. I have not been there for a long time, maybe around 6 years. Long. It used to be and I’m sorry if I insult anyone with this but the place used to be called: Rick’s for pricks. It’s all these people use to go there who looks so cool and talks so cool and their whole world is so cool….they just can’t behave and they think the place is for them. Well. Not anymore.
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Rick’s is a very shique restaurant with modern interior but still feels very homely. When I entered I was nervous be honest but it was all gone in a minute. Nice, warm smile for the welcome and a very good feeling inside. Yes! We have tasted a nice gin based cocktail made by their cute lady bartender. She knows. She does know what she’s doing! Me and cocktails are not the best friends. I’m not a huge cocktail friend but she won me over. Woodland fox. There’s so many things that were going on there! New menu, offers for weekday foods and Sunday roast and cocktails. This place has changed a lot! In a very positive way!
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We were honoured to have a few words from John the executive chef. This man. Seriously! The passion he has about food and ingredients is absolute incredible! He has taken me over completely. And made me hungry. Completely.
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Food please! I had salmon for starter and the famous Inverurie lamb with goats cheese gnocchi. What a dish! Lamb cooked perfectly and the goats cheese gnocchi! I need more of it in my life! Perfect! I was not keen on dessert but I think it was just a bad choice. The dessert was good it was just me. I was too envious to see other people eating a chocolate fondant. Yep. With marshmallow. With strawberry…. Next time! Definitely next time!
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All around I felt really good in that place. You know a good evening needs a good place, good food and good drinks. Obviously good company as well! I had them all. Rick’s. Well done! You have definitely won me over and I will be back to try more dishes from your menu and definitely more drinks! I think everyone should do the same. Rick’s is here for US now! 
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