How to get alcohol in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a super place. Special if you are not a big drinker. You can not buy alcohol in the centre of the city. At all. Zero. Only mint tea. That is sugar, mint leaf and a little hot water. Sooo extremely sweet…you just need another one. But not alcohol. Did I know this. NOT.

Mint Tea - Marrakesh

Two blondes, me and my dearest friend Nina, arrived to old Marrakesh and was about to go and get some cocktails…heading out the hotel when our super concierge stopped us for a chat. He had a good laugh when we said what we were about to do! Shocked. Proper shocked. We did have a bar in the hotel but who wants to stay there???

Bless that man, he told us a secret…There was a place for locals where you can buy alcohol. YES! Obviously the shop is not any big names or even a wee local shop. Not a proper shop just under the blanket one. Alcohol and cigarette. Great. I was about to start running as I had 10 minutes until the ‘shop’ was closed. We followed the road as was told. The scariest moment of my life! Very dark street, nobody to be seen, dogs walking around…I thought that’s it. We never going to survive this. In my mind I was: Just think of alcohol, you are on holiday…! Ok. Why did I believe in that man at the hotel door? Has he sent us somewhere in purpose where we are going to be sold for a few camels and he gets the commission? Our thoughts were scary. However finally we have reached some lights and heard some noises. Yeah! Let’s man up! We are in. Ha! Brilliant.

It was like a wee garage, from floor to ceiling full with any kind of alcohol. Heaven. Full with local man shouting to each other. Full. I should have captured their face when we stepped in and asking for a bottle of vodka! Two blond girl from Europe. I wish I did capture that moment! I never seen man so surprised and quiet. Result! Got the rum! It was weird, I was scared walking on the dark street and even in ‘that’ shop was only man but somehow I never felt unsecured. Somehow I knew the spirit keep us trusted. The spirit. I mean the vodka.

Marrakesh is a cool city but note, if you would like to chill with few drinks outside of your hotel bar buy some before your flight. Although there are bars in new town where you can have alcoholic drinks but Marrakesh’s heart is in old city centre where you can sipping only the mint tea…

New Town - Marrakesh

” I feel sorry for people who don’t drink.

When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they are going to feel all day ” – Frank Sinatra

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