Easter tradition in Hungary 

For the real Hungarian Easter the table is full with tradition Easter food. It’s nothing else then Ham with some cooked eggs, radish, pepper, spring onions and a braided Easter loaf. The accompaniments include mustard, radishes, and young onions. “No Easter meal is complete without ham,” according to tradition. Back in time, years and years ago the ham and the loaf was taken to the church to be blessed by the priest after Mass. On the farm, when a pig is slaughtered, the best ham is reserved for Easter, and cured or smoked with extra care. Also it’s an old saying that you can not bake bread because you’ll became a stone statue…I know, don’t ask….ha ha 



On Easter Saturday everyone goes to the church for the big Easter Mass. Everyone dressing up traditionally or these days just nicely but definitely putting on the nicest piece from the wardrobe. Well might not everyone does but they should. 



After the mass everyone goes home with the family and eats the tradition Ham. That’s the time when the 40 days fast is over. All the food and drinks are on the table and everyone have a big meal together. I love Easter food. It’s the first sign of the spring. It’s fresh and new. Usual the weather is already warm and sunny. Of course not now when I’m spending my time in Hungary but usual is….People are smiling and happy. Easter is beautiful! I remember when I was a kid I always was looking forward Easter. In Germany and in Hungary it’s a big, big traditional festival. It’s not all about presents or anything. It’s about tradition and family. 

I’m so happy I’m able to spend this time in Hungary this year! 



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