Day of shopping in Budapest 

It was a Tuesday morning in Budapest. I had no plans. The day was grey and wet. No any sunshine. What’s the best to do? Go shopping! 

I have contacted to my friend to get advice where are the best places to go shopping in Budapest. I know there’s plenty huge shopping malls but wasn’t sure which one is the best. I’m not a real shopping girl. I can’t go for hours and hours and buy many useless pieces. I’d rather bargains and something different. I don’t like the same stuff that you can find on every shelves in the shops. That day had no differences. 
I was told to go to Vorosmarty square, the heart of the city. That is the place where I can find everything apparently. It seemed like. Budapest centre is a huge shopping place! Amazing shops everywhere! You can find high street names at the square and high quality designers on Andrassy avenue. 


However my interest focused more on proper Hungarian shops. I found few really beautiful authentic shops with exceptional quality clothes and goodies. I found this wee shop in the corner of one of the street in the centre. They were selling handmade leather gloves. The shop looked liked a left over gem from the 80’s with very professional made goods in it. My other favourite was an old tie shop and old handmade shoe shop and those real Hungarian traditional “paprika” shops. 
The most beautiful looking one named Philanthia, which was a flower shop. Look at this picture!
After all I have walked all way down the avenue looking at the designer windows. No I haven’t gone inside. I have not! I even left home my credit card! Was hard, very hard! I have passed the Opera House and many awesome looking pubs and restaurants. While I was walking I have seen a huge chocolate shop featuring Easter chocolates and seen a really nice flowers shop on the street! Extremely cute. 


I made my way to one of the most well known shopping mall, West End City Centre. They have a fountain and a waterfall inside the shop. Yes. They do. So many floors with many, many, many and more shops. If you are not able to find something to buy here then I’m sorry but you have a problem. There’s everything, from jewellery ’til sexy outfit. My favourite found was this two:


I wasn’t sure it was a joke or they were actually selling this. They were. I could have bought them. No. I can hear you. I did not! 
I came home exhausted. Poured a glass of Chardonnay from Polgar vinery Villany and let that many things in my head to sink in. Think about culture, fashion and life in Budapest. I think tomorrow I rather use my energy for sightseeing. 

“Shopping the fine art of acquiring things you don’t need ” 

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