Ups and Downs…

Every day is different. You’re up and your down. It’s depend on weather, work, the way you slept, the way you woken up, the people around you….many many others. 

I had my birthday the other day and did not feel the urge to go and celebrate at all. Why? I don’t know. Actually I think I finally getting realised I’m not 21 any longer. It is just hit me suddenly. I remember when I was young and seen and known woman in my age I thought they were old. Boom. Let’s this sink in!
I have thought you always as old as you feel yourself. I felt my age. Especially because few people around me was not really the nicest. It was hurting but nothing you can do. People are different. Some of them unfortunately very thick and low mannered. They were targeting my blog and my ability to write. Which is fair enough as everyone know English is not my first language. However I would love to see other people special English spoken to learn other language in fluent. Not many of them capable to do that. Special the once who was targeting me! They are too lazy as most people speaking their language anyway. They think that’s enough. The effort and the sweat while you are learning another countries culture and language is that makes you much more than those people!
I never wanted a Nobel prize for things I’ve done in my life but I’d see few another people if they could do the same. It’s a long way and it’s not the easiest ride but when you have done it you became someone else than others who’s not and never will. That’s makes you feel stronger, even if you’re not.
After all there was a huge surprise. My work is a bit crazy now. It’s not the happiest place at the moment but it’s upon us to get the best out of the situation. We have got closer. The team just amazing and all of us just grabbed that we have. Us. Ourself and our hard work. They have done an unexpected move and got me a present. A mini IPad. The reason to help me writing my blog. They have no idea that was the biggest thing in the unbelievable RIGHT time that ever anyone could have done in my life! I could not speak when I saw it and I am just so so grateful. I believe that life always prove who you are. My life proves I am a blessed person. I’m blessed with people who believes me. That’s everything that you can get. Thank you all!
 ” Don’t doubt yourself, that’s what haters are for! ” 
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Published by KaTa Voyage

I am a travel addict therefore in my brave moment I have set up my own independent travel agency. I am able to organise holidays, travels or weekend getaways. Learning every day and getting more and more suppliers to work with me. I am a wine and champagne lover. I LOVE visiting vineyards! Also I have a dog who keeps me granted and make me to go for big walks to enjoy Scotland's beautiful nature.

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