Geneva the pleasant surprise

Geneva, oh Geneva… I’ve been thinking of you for years. I was wandering if you are rock or not….

I was reading Paulo Coelho’s  Adultery book that’s screened in Geneva. That was the last push to buy my ticket. I went for 2 days, 1 night. It’s enough. Not complete but it’s enough to see what Geneva is about. Arrived very early to the main train station. My hotel, Warvick Geneva was just 5 min walk away. Correctly 5 Min, not the 5 that takes 10 or 15! After a very warm welcome from the reception staff, I dropped my bag and let’s go!
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I have this app on my phone that helps me to get around in cities. I need it because I’m extremely bad to get lost. When you have only 2 days somewhere you don’t want to spend it wondering around how to find the sights you want to see. So had my plan. Palace of Nation with the broken chair and Jet’D Eau THE symbol of Geneva. It’s easy. It’s seriously easy to walk around! Not a huge city. You can walk easily, if you don’t mind it of course. I was following my plan and for a late lunch time I was sitting front of Jet’D eau in the sunshine. I was people watching.
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I noticed Geneva is clean and elegant. People seem healthy and good looking. Many, many people was out for a run. Apparently that’s really common here and I do understand. Running beside that beautiful lake can be something good to keep your running routine! I had some picnic lunch on the bench. Didn’t want to miss the sunshine in a restaurant. Eating my well expensive sandwich on the bench in the sunshine while looking at the lake and the fountain. Why on earth would I wish more than this? Never!
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People I’ve seen…hmmmm…So there’s people who’s running, there’s people who’s walking, there’s tourist and travellers and there’s people who lives in Geneva. That people! Wearing fur and high designer sunglasses and having a tiny dog. Man and woman. The way they are holding them self is something very admirable. They look so rich and so high class! I loved it! I am sure all of them had a very expensive watch. Why? It’s Geneva! It’s the city of the well expensive amazing watches! At Pateck Phillips’s shop I even didn’t have balls to go in! It looks like a museum, a something that requires a pair of Louboutin when you step in. I had my walking boots on. I stayed away. Maybe next time. You never know!
Next time? Yes. Definitely. Geneva you’ll see me again!

‘Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a factor that decides between success and failure.’

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I am a travel addict therefore in my brave moment I have set up my own independent travel agency. I am able to organise holidays, travels or weekend getaways. Learning every day and getting more and more suppliers to work with me. I am a wine and champagne lover. I LOVE visiting vineyards! Also I have a dog who keeps me granted and make me to go for big walks to enjoy Scotland's beautiful nature.

One thought on “Geneva the pleasant surprise

  1. Geneva is really beautiful. I loved strolling through the streets and parks of the city. This combined with the Swiss hospitality makes visiting the city absolutely amazing 🙂

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