Best Walk in London

I must be crazy! I had a long, long walk in London and I actually enjoyed it! A lot!

I have started at the Tower of London. I have stayed nearby at Apex Hotel so obvious I started my walk from there. So I walked all way through the walk path. When I reached the Millennium Bridge I have walked up to see St Paul’s Cathedral. That is such an impressive building I could not miss it out.

1 23

Back to the path and walk…I was so lucky, had such a nice and sunny day! It was actually warm! Just walked and walked, watched people and runners. So many of them! I reached Westminster and I stopped for 10 minutes. I think the Westminster bridge is one of the busiest. Whenever I am there is the same. Tourist try to get the best picture with the London Eye or with the famous clock. It is funny. I just stopped and watched people. I thought it would be much better for my legs if I take the tube but still had almost two hours to meet with my friend. No. I walk. Kept walking up to St James Park. Wow! I always forget that park is so pretty! How busy was it! Everyone was sitting or walking and having lunch mostly. So so many people! Everyone tried to get a minute of sunshine! Me too…but I had to keep going.


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I have turned to Buckingham palace. I always and always wondering if the Queen will just pass me. Some reason she never does! Disappointment! I have passed Green Park and ended up at Dorchester Hotel. I was about to go and get a glass of Champagne. Why not? Well I noticed I never make it if I sit down for a glass of champagne so I was keep going. ( …and posssible I would have had a bottle of the nicest…hello credit card ) You can see the changes in this area.  Park Lane, Mayfair and surroundings. Cars, houses and people are much more high class. I felt much better. It’s so rich and nice! I have seen a few very impressive hotels and car shops…So expensive! Finally I have reached Marble Arch. I met there with my friend and I was there in time! Surprise, surprise! Just like I was planning this whole walk carefully! I have started my walk at 11 am and we met at 2 pm. Even if I am not the best at math that is 3 hours walk. Of course we were not sitting down. We went for a walk! Hyden park and Kensigton Palace and Royal Albert Hall. I have been in London so man y times and never seen the Kensigton Palace. Crazy. Seems a bit bigger than my apartment….

7 8 9 10 11 12

After the Royal Albert Hall we jumped to the bus. I wish I had some kind of up app or something that could tell me how many miles I have done and how much calorie I have burn. I am sure a lot! It was nice tho, I love walking. You see so much! Seriously. All the statues, buildings, parks and people…just everything. It’s fantastic!

However I am telling you a secret. This walk was yesterday. Today, hmmm I hardly can feel my legs! Well I can feel them as they are sore! A bit. It’s not too bad but be honest at least I feel I have done something! I had a 3 course meal last night to make sure I get back my calories!

Don’t be afraid to walk. It is nice, special when the sun is out. Get up and go!

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I am a travel addict therefore in my brave moment I have set up my own independent travel agency. I am able to organise holidays, travels or weekend getaways. Learning every day and getting more and more suppliers to work with me. I am a wine and champagne lover. I LOVE visiting vineyards! Also I have a dog who keeps me granted and make me to go for big walks to enjoy Scotland's beautiful nature.

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