A day in Haarlem, Holland

Haarlem is a very cute Dutch city. It’s 20 min away to north from Amsterdam by train. I went there only for a day to see my very good friend, Chantal.
When we arrived, I already felt in love this place. As is in Holland, canals and bridges slice the city through. There’s a very historic square in the center where you can find the city hall and plenty very beautiful small/big restaurants. From Japanese ’til the French…everything. We went to Birkman’s. I think that must be one of the oldest place there, reflects the posh old years. Whatever you do in Holland and wherever you are you must get meatballs and cheese. ( Gehaktballen ) First when I had cheese and I saw people put mustard on it.. well I was thinking: hmmm interesting. Now, I eat cheese with mustard. The meatballs are awesome! Could eat hundreds!
We had too much food already in the morning so decided to walk and find Cathedral of Saint Bavo.We’ve seen on the map that’s a bit outside of Haarlem but didn’t mind. After walking for a good while and not seen anything that could look like a cathedral, we finally admitted, we have got lost. As usual. Never mind! While tried to find our way I’ve seen bridges that opens for the tall boats, houses that’s on the water, funny bicycles and streets that one of the prettiest I’ve seen for a while. I love Holland and I love Haarlem. So clean, simple and no any sign of stress. People are nice and friendly…I felt happy. Very happy. We have seen a well pretty windmill, a huge impressive cathedral, the Grote Kerk church, the Teylers museum…everything that you must just in a few hours. What I really loved was sitting at the square and watching people. Sun was shining, my friend was sitting next to me, my wine was on the table with some cheese and I just felt happy.
I felt happy because I’m alive, I’ve got a great friend, I see places, I have someone to go home to, I have a great life…
“Let us to be grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom ” 
Cheese Haarlem8 Haarlem7 Haarlem6 Haarlem5 Haarlem4 Haarlem3 Haarlem2 Haarlem

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