Accommodation in Malta

So… I am here. In Malta.

When I booked this few days getaway through Lowcostholidays I was on a very tight budget and they had a pretty good offer for flight and hotel. Hotel was 3 star in St Julian’s where I wanted to stay as recommended. Can not be that bad.


When I have got closer to the date to leave I was checking the feedbacks and reviews that honestly got worst and worst. If I was alone I would not have cared as pretty much I just need a bed and a bathroom but I was not alone. I decided to give up on my new pretty handbag that was winking on me for weeks from the shop’s window and I did booked a better hotel. I managed to get a good price through an Internet booking side to Intercontinental Malta. However I managed to book only for 2 nights. I needed 3 nights. I was thinking: ‘ Right, we are arriving late anyway, like very late so we can survive a night in that 3 star hotel and next day we just going through the luxury.’ I’ve never been spoiled much in my life ( unless I spoiled myself ) so I thought that is the best plan.

Arriving to this 3 star hotel that looked a bit more tired than on the picture, even in the dark. After waiting while few people complaining at the reception I managed to get the key and find my room. It was on the 6th floor. No lift. How lucky I am I have only a hand luggage with me?!

Entered the room and tried to convent myself, it is not too bad…I was not very successful! Total disaster! Never stayed in place like that, ever! Only one night though, only one night…I will survive. In the morning, taken advantage on bed and breakfast rate we went to the breakfast room. Well if nothing else, I can have a coffee! Surprisingly the breakfast was not too bad but the face impression on the folks who were having breakfast there! It was rather funny. Yeah, we were laughing because we knew we are going to enter to the luxury in less than an hour!

As we did.

Picked up the bags and went to check in at Intercontinental Malta. What a place! Even if they had the worst room for me would have better than the room I have spent my last night! As soon I have stepped into the lobby I felt like a princess. Everyone smiled, everyone wanted us to be there. The whole place just so big and beautiful! They have THE most comfy bed, few relaxing bars, spa, swimming pool….everything. Even if I have to live on beans on toast for weeks this hotel worth anything. Worth to see how happy my man was, worth to see how much different you can buy with a credit card.

It is purely amazing and it is purely not. I was lucky because I could make this change and get a bit of luxury. However when I was lying on the hotel’s private beach ( yes private beach! ) I was thinking of those people who could not have this. It was funny for us to see the different but it is sad as well. Some fellas in that poor hotel seemed they just wanted a getaway as everyone else does and possible they were working hard for that holiday as much as I did.

I am just lucky I have a credit card and a job that I know it will allows me to pay it back in time.

” I think there is something about luxury, it is not something people need, but it is what they want. It really plus at their heart”


Drink at the beach Seafood restaurant Capirinha Garden Rooftop bar Welcome note Getting to know the place THE bed Pool at Intercontinental View I can do this Bedroom Kitchen in 3Star

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