Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon. Everyone is talking about Blue Lagoon. The must to do in Iceland.

Well, I have tried as well.

We have booked to go before we were flying back home so we can have a really nice chilled day and remember our Iceland experience as the best. We packed in the morning and jumped into the bus to take us to Blue Lagoon. I was so exciting, I even put on my swimsuit.

We have arrived and the bus driver gave us the time when we have to go to the coach park to be taken to the airport. We had around 3 hours to spend. The place looked fantastic, could not wait to get in. Hmmm…good luck with that! The queue was so long and only three place to pay in at. Excellent. There were a few people who had pre bought  tickets already, they have got in pretty quickly. Not like us. After around half an hour finally managed to get a ticket, a bathrobe and towels. Let’s go!

I have quickly changed and wanted to run outside and….stopped. Freezing! The wind was extreme wild and cold. I can do it, I can do it. Robe down, freeze, in! Finally! I am into this water that not that hot I was expecting be honest. Moving around, try to find the hottest spot. There’s a bar where you can get drinks and the barman wearing the biggest jacket and gloves and hat. He must think we are absolutely crazy! We found some mud that you can put on your face and you will be beautiful. Obviously I have believed in it so put it on my face very thickly. The freezing wind got dry the mask in a minute. The water is ok but my ears! They are freezing! I hardly can enjoy this. The wind blow all the water into my face I can’t see a thing…it’s pretty funny though as this is everything g but relaxing. I have spotted a sauna but had to leave the water for it. No way, I can’t do it. We have laughed a lot with my friends but after a while decided to get out of the water and get some warm cloth on. I needed like 20 minutes to be able to get out of the water, find my robe and literately run inside.

When I have dressed I went outside again. It is beautiful and I believe could be relaxing but not in the time I was there. I have to go back one day, possible summertime.

I wish I could write the same enthusiastic things like everyone else does about Blue Lagoon but the whole experience I have got is far too cold and not a big deal. I have been better spas in different countries, however I still recommend to everyone to go as you live just once.

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