Shopping experience in Marrakech

Girls in Marrakech. What to do? Shopping. As almost everyone know Marrakech is really famous of the huge market, Djemaa el Fna. The must. You shop, eat, drink, watching different performances, see monkeys, get henna or getting sold for a few hundred camels…the whole place is a huge chaos. It’s unreal! The colours, the people, the hassle, the tourists wow! It’s like you get into a crazy movie!
You have to try the fresh squeezed orange juice, the fruits, the nuts…everything. I don’t thing I ever eat so many different things in my life in one day! People offers you anything and everything. My favourite shops were the ” come in come in, original fake ” and all the big names with small labels…surreal. If Darren Spaziani seen this before he started at Louis Vuitton…
Shoes. They go in, they get your favourite colours and the design you adore to and if they don have it in your size, you get a mint tea and wait, another mint tea and boom! Shoes ready! Crazy!
We have bought all the colour of the rainbow.
Scarves. Any colour, any design. Amazing. They bring another one, similar, different, big or small whatever you want. It’s like you are in heaven…and they make you feel like the most important and most beautiful woman in this planet. All of that for hardly any money. Everything is so cheap!
You start wondering around, get deep into the market. You’ll see miracle. You generally could buy anything! However we were so amazed by all the goods ones we noticed we don’t know which way we came in or which way we should leave. We went right, left, forward, back. Nothing. Total lost. Panicked. Proper panick. Suddenly the whole place got too crowded, noisy, people one a piece of you…
I slightly remembered where was that nice guy we just bought some weird spices so we headed back there. Yes! We found him and asked him to take us out of this labyrinth. Bless him. I’m total sure he thought we were some crazy chicks. Finally we’ve got out! I’m think without his help we still would be there and still shopping or rather crying in the corner.

“I believe that Marrakech ought to be earned as a destination. The journey is the preparation for the experience. Reaching it too fast derides it, makes it a little less easy to understand.”
― Tahir Shah, In Arabian Nights






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