Visiting Vylyan winery in South Hungary

I had a little research before I booked to visit this winery and seemed that could be the best choice. I was right.
I emailed them month ago and they were very professional and nice.
The winery is in south of Hungary around 20 min drive from Villany, by taxi cost around £10. Worth it to call taxi as you don’t want to drink and drive and not drink in winery is a crime.
So we arrived an Gabor our guide was waiting for us. What a place! Gorgeous scenery, grapes everywhere, nice terrace area and sun! Gabor set a table for us with glasses, soda and salty scones, pogacsa. You can choose what kind of tasting you wish to do. We went for all. 8 kind of wine. 2 white, a rose and 4 red. The harvest was on in the same time so during tasting we were wondering away to see the people who were picking the grapes and help them. To eat. Obviously.
Gabor was amazing, telling us everything about their wine. Most of the wine got animal names that I did not understand why so asked. There’s a story. I love stories!
There was a beautiful girl Herka living there. The devil saw her, fall in love with her and asked the witch, her mum to marry her. Obviously the witch did not want to give her beautiful daughter to an old and ugly devil so she gave a deal.
– Devil, if you get plowed the whole area by the morning when the rooster give the first sign I give you my daughter.
The devil asked help from the cat and they were working really hard. Almost finished by midnight. The witch saw this and got scared. Went into the rooster’s house and woken him up. As the rooster woken up he started crow. Everyone thought it was morning already and they not managed to finish the challenge. The devil got so angry, he throw his plow away and went back to hell. That’s how the hill became nearby and the hot fire from the hell given good taste for the grapes.
You believe the story or not but the wines are certainly gorgeous, very smooth and tasty. My favourite was the ‘ordog’ devil one.
If you want a chilled day and you like wine don’t hesitate to visit this winery. You’d love the whole day and a glass of wine and another one and another one….I certainly would go back anytime.









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