Shopping experience in Marrakech

Girls in Marrakech. What to do? Shopping. As almost everyone know Marrakech is really famous of the huge market, Djemaa el Fna. The must. You shop, eat, drink, watching different performances, see monkeys, get henna or getting sold for a few hundred camels…the whole place is a huge chaos. It’s unreal! The colours, the people,Continue reading “Shopping experience in Marrakech”

Love affair in Budapest

I’ve been in Budapest only a day and I felt something different. First I did not notice what was that and during a nice warm evening I crossed Erzsebet square and boom! I’ve noticed. The people. They love each other and they show that for everyone! They are holding hands, they are kissing, they areContinue reading “Love affair in Budapest”

Visiting Vylyan winery in South Hungary

I had a little research before I booked to visit this winery and seemed that could be the best choice. I was right. I emailed them month ago and they were very professional and nice. The winery is in south of Hungary around 20 min drive from Villany, by taxi cost around £10. Worth itContinue reading “Visiting Vylyan winery in South Hungary”