Tihany, the hidden beauty of Hungary

Tihany is the most beautiful and old village I’ve seen in Hungary so far.
I’m an old fashioned girl and this is an old fashioned little village.

Top of the village there’s the Benedictine Abbey that you can see from miles away. Standing top of Tihany like a proud daddy. Burn down a few times but thankfully has been rebuild and now is just beautiful and got the best view of lake Balaton. The abbey also holds the first extant record of Hungarian language. When you walk around you are just stunned, by the view by the history by the echo. Yes. Echo! You scream and your voice coming back as hits the wall of the abbey. It went a bit abated in the last 20 years since I’ve been there as a child.I remember in that time everyone was travelling there just to scream someone’s names to the air who was close to their hearts. I can’t remember the name I screamed but must been a hero of one of my favourite bed time stories.
According to the legend there was a princess with golden-haired goats, but she was too proud (as the hungarians mostly) and hard of heart and was punished (cursed by the king of the lake), her goats were lost in Balaton, only their nails remained, and she was obliged to answer to every passers-by. A statue of the Shouting Girl can be seen just next the Abbey.
If you look around you notice lavender everywhere. Smells beautiful and make the whole Tihany a little bit purple. They make everything from lavender, soap, drink, honey…anything and everything. You can’t resist to buy some from one of the small shop. You want to take Tihany’s smell with you. You have to.
This whole village is like a jewellery box, very old houses in new dress, landscape is beautiful and the Hungarian people who’s living there are really welcoming.
You can rent a bike or just take a walk to a small inside lake that hides many animals and birds. There’s a Lavender house that seems like an exhibition centre that shows of the nature life of the lake. I missed that as I wanted to explore by myself.
I’ve done. I explored this beautiful little village that stolen my heart.
Thank you for Csanyi Vendeghaz, apartment for the lovely stay in that beautiful house!

One day I will be back Tihany with someone I can scream his name into the air!







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