I always wanted to go to Stockholm and finally managed to get  there for a weekend. You can get very cheap tickets from UK to Stockholm Skavsta through Ryanair. You have get the bus that takes you to the center. Journey is around 80 min and you will arrive to the center station, middle of Stockholm.

This city is amazing! Plenty things to see. My first impression was: the city is very pretty and the buildings are huge. Everything seemed massive. Old fashioned buildings and very fashionable people. They are beautiful. Girls and boys. Everyone is simply gorgeous. Not over friendly but you get a  smile while you are around.

Places I have been: 

Get to the cityhall at 10am for the guided tour, really worth it. Very pretty and good history.

Go and see the change of the guard at the palace ( pretty boys in uniform, military band and sun….awesome )

Go to Skansen Open Air Museum and buy cinamon bap from the bakery. They making them there, still warm. The place takes you back years and years. Very cool.

Kaknas TV Tower. Amazing view over Stockholm. If you are adventurous enough you can walk however it is a bit far, would suggest to take the bus. I took bus 69 that takes you exactly to the door. There’s a restaurant there too, a bit pricey but very good with nice service.

Katherina lift, it’s ok. You can see Stockholm from the top but its not too high, still pretty enjoyable though. I was walking back to the center from there and found a few very nice square with coffees and restaurants, busy spot for Swedish people.

Boat trip. Must do. Stockholm is very pretty from the water and you can take awesome pictures. I have taken the boat, that was included with the card so why not. It takes 40 min and you can see almost everything from the water. Of course with a guide in many language.

Modern Museum. ( Moderna Museet ) I am old fashioned. Modern art not my love but still open for everything so went there, seen it and left. Its not for me, however if you like modern art you’d love it.

Swedish Museum of Natural History, that I could not go in. Many kids were around I was ready for a drink…please let me know how is inside. Outside is beautiful and massive.

Ostermalm – it is a residential neighborhood that full with amazing architecture miracle. I just was walking around and check out  the buildings. They are so gorgeous! Very well kept through the years.

Hay Market – outdoor market, fresh fruit, flowers, handbags…anything really. Not a huge market but if you wondering around worth to stop buy.

Kulturhuset – its the one in the center where everyone goes. Coffee places, restaurants ,shops everything. Just everyone is there. Simple  Front of the Kulturhuset at the top of the stairs there’s a free tour everyday by cool young guys if you want some help to get around.

Spy bar – WOW! Night club for the people who wants to be seen. Even when you are just a tourist. Make sure you have THE best heels with you! For the more Pub Lovers there’s a Queens Head named bar that rather English than Swedish but food is good and full with youngsters.

Food and Drink – I was a bit disappointed. They don’t have something like that real Swedish, except hot dog that is very cheap from the street and really easy to have a few during the day…just because. I had some weird ‘traditional’ Swedish dish that was nothing else just fried meat and potatoes with horseradish on top. Actually I thought that was cheese and I had them almost all in ones…hmmm…I could not said a word for a few very long moments…No special wine either, however they have nice wine lists almost everywhere. Beer is not my drink but seen in pubs they have pretty good selection international beers and ales.


– take a lot of money ( special if you want to go for shopping. Plenty! Posh and awesome stuff! )

– get a Stockholm card

– make sure you get a massage when you back if you go for a weekend and want to see everything. Could not feel my legs and my back was aching but worth every little pain….

– don’t forget your shades (everyone wearing shades Ray Ban Aviator the must )

– get a good hotel, I don’t mention mine as was very small although just slept there and was pretty much in the center so done the job


” You have to find it. No one else can find it for you! ” – Bjorn Borg



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I am a travel addict therefore in my brave moment I have set up my own independent travel agency. I am able to organise holidays, travels or weekend getaways. Learning every day and getting more and more suppliers to work with me. I am a wine and champagne lover. I LOVE visiting vineyards! Also I have a dog who keeps me granted and make me to go for big walks to enjoy Scotland's beautiful nature.

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