Route 66 motorcycle tour

World famous Route 66 motorcycle tour travels the original Route 66, known as the “Mainstreet of America” or “Mother Road”. At over 2400 miles long from Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 crosses three time zones and 8 States: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Route 66 has been the path of migrants, dreamers, desperadoes and an entire generation of vacationers discovering the way west. The 1950’s were the Route 66 glory days, when thousands of cars rode bumper to bumper behind each other to experience the Western frontier. Hotels, motels, gas stations, classic restaurants, and the “New” America sprang up everywhere. Much of Route 66’s classic roads, restaurants, gas stations, and nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were in the 1950’s. The famous and nostalgic Route 66 is the road created in heaven for motorcycle touring. Simply stated, this is the guided tour of America!

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What’s Included:
*Late Model Motorcycle Rental
*Bike Model Guarantee
*Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
*3 – 4 Star Motorcycle Friendly Hotels
*Fuel on Riding Days
*Breakfast on Riding Days
*Hosted Welcome Dinner
*Half-Shell Helmet for Rider and Pillion, Custom Armored Riding Jacket
*Legendary Farewell Party
*Experienced Multilingual Tour Guide
*Support Vehicle Equipped for Luggage and Spare Bike
*Support Vehicle Driver
*Door to Door Luggage Service, On-Road Concierge
*Mobile Tour Guide App, Custom Tour Completion Patch
*National Park Entrance Fees , Hotel Parking Fees
*Transportation between Tour Hotel and Locations
*Toll Fees

Magical Charmonix 

Have you heard of Charmonix? Maybe you’ve even been there?

I never. I never even heard of it! Last few years I haven’t been in skiing trips because I preferred to go to warm places. Silly, silly me!

Yes. So when my friend heard I’m going to Geneva he asked why am I not popping over to Charmonix. To where? Google. Map. Images. Convinced.

I’ve changed my hotel bookings quickly and booked a transport from Geneva to Chamonix. 

While our cool driver was driving us through the mountains I was staring out the window. Those mountains! The snow! I can not describe how much my excitement level raised! We were close, I felt it, very close. Is this one? Are we there? No. No….Yes! Chalets, roads, people…we have arrived!

I was jumping! This place looks like a wee jewellery box cuddling by the French Alps. I jumped out the car and was standing on the road. I looked up and there was I. In Chamonix; where people are walking in moon boots and sunglasses, carrying snowboards while those huge mountains are looking down and call us to go and explore! It’s like they are saying: Come on little person, take me! I’m your challenge for today!
There’s an easy way to explore without skiing. Train. There’s a wee red train that takes you up to Marce de Glacé. The view is incredible! When you arrive to 1931 meter up you feel you are free. You breath and you just glaze this beautiful mountains. They are there. They are there with all their proud.


You can go and explore. There’s a hotel. Grand Hotel. You know the movie Grand Hotel Budapest? That’s what came into my mind when I saw it. So similar! We went to climb the wee mountains around it. So much fun! Apparently was no snow for 3 weeks and I’m not joking; the snow was still up ’til my bum! ( I’m 172cm! )

I even made a snow angel!
You can climb up and you can slide down. Seriously! Never felt so stress free and happy when I was sliding down on that hill on my bum! Pure happiness!

So much fun! Nobody around you, nobody just you and the mountains. It’s beautiful and it’s very, very powerful!


Travel and Fun 178Travel and Fun 190Travel and Fun 279Travel and Fun 202
When you had enough you can go down with a cable car to see the ice cave. It’s fascinating. Wen you stand there you can hear the cracking noise of the ice. So scary!


When we had enough we were heading back to Charmonix. THE village. Full with beautiful, little restaurants and bars. You can’t see anyone in little black dress. Everyone is cosy and cool. However I have seen a blonde miss wearing a snow boots with high heels! Crazy! Winter fashion is my ever favourite! So much choice!

Travel and Fun 290


Discover, eat, drink and laugh. You are in Charmonix. Enjoy it! 


Dobogoko, the heart chakra of the world 

I heard so much stories about this place. I have been here a few times already. Dobogoko is a holiday village 25 km from Budapest to North-West. The name comes from Visegrádi Mountain’s and Danube-bend’s highest point, Dobogo-ko, at 633 m and has 133 inhabitants. 
You can come here to walk, hike, ski or just have lunch at one of the cosy restaurant. However there’s another reason people visit this place. You can find here the pulsating rock. Here in Dobogoko, in the Pilis hills is where the Heart chakra of the world. If you manage to fly over this area, you will see the Danube’s tributaries weave their heart-shaped way around the Pilis hills.

People coming here to meditate, to find themselves or each other. When I was here a week ago I have found yurts where you can stay for a night or more completely away from modernisation and stressed filled life.    


Beautiful scenery and peace in your heart that you can find here. Take a chance.  




Wine drinking in Villany, Hungary 

Villany is at South Hungary. Around 2/3 hours drive from Budapest. I am no doubt this is the best place for wine lovers. So peaceful, beautiful and their wines are just fantastic. Must visit!  


Rick’s – The classy dining experience in Edinburgh

I was lucky enough to be invited over for a new menu launch for Rick’s by Zomato. I know Rick’s. Everyone does who lives in Edinburgh. It’s at the west end and it’s cool. It’s always been. I have not been there for a long time, maybe around 6 years. Long. It used to be and I’m sorry if I insult anyone with this but the place used to be called: Rick’s for pricks. It’s all these people use to go there who looks so cool and talks so cool and their whole world is so cool….they just can’t behave and they think the place is for them. Well. Not anymore.
IphonePics 168
IphonePics 179
Rick’s is a very shique restaurant with modern interior but still feels very homely. When I entered I was nervous be honest but it was all gone in a minute. Nice, warm smile for the welcome and a very good feeling inside. Yes! We have tasted a nice gin based cocktail made by their cute lady bartender. She knows. She does know what she’s doing! Me and cocktails are not the best friends. I’m not a huge cocktail friend but she won me over. Woodland fox. There’s so many things that were going on there! New menu, offers for weekday foods and Sunday roast and cocktails. This place has changed a lot! In a very positive way!
IphonePics 160 IphonePics 161
We were honoured to have a few words from John the executive chef. This man. Seriously! The passion he has about food and ingredients is absolute incredible! He has taken me over completely. And made me hungry. Completely.
IphonePics 163
Food please! I had salmon for starter and the famous Inverurie lamb with goats cheese gnocchi. What a dish! Lamb cooked perfectly and the goats cheese gnocchi! I need more of it in my life! Perfect! I was not keen on dessert but I think it was just a bad choice. The dessert was good it was just me. I was too envious to see other people eating a chocolate fondant. Yep. With marshmallow. With strawberry…. Next time! Definitely next time!
IphonePics 167 IphonePics 169 IphonePics 172 IphonePics 177 IphonePics 176
All around I felt really good in that place. You know a good evening needs a good place, good food and good drinks. Obviously good company as well! I had them all. Rick’s. Well done! You have definitely won me over and I will be back to try more dishes from your menu and definitely more drinks! I think everyone should do the same. Rick’s is here for US now! 
IphonePics 165 IphonePics 164

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

I wanted to write something about the festival but it would be too long and too much because this festival is long and it’s just so much! 

There’s some pictures, not professional just few shots to see what I mean….

If you want to join this cavalcade get over to Edinburgh in August. You won’t regret it!   


Diane Spencer’s commedy at Fringe

I was out all day with my friend on Fringe. We meet every year and spend a day out just to enjoy the crowd. So we were just sitting at Gilded Balloon and we were actually searched on our phone what should be the next step. We eat and we drunk also we were about to get a move and do something. When this girl came along. She started talking that she has a show and she would be happy if we can go and see the show because she has this comedy about find her first love and getting a house together…She was just so sweet and said it is such a nice change because we are listening to her and smiling! She gave us her leaflet and one ticket. Well we were like: ” Ok…why not? She’s sweet, pretty girl we can listening her how she moved in with boyfriend and all this girly thing.” It’s a bit cheesy but I’m about to move into a house that we bought together with my fiancé so….why not?!

So this sweet girl name is Diane Spencer and according her leaflet she’s pretty cool. Got awards, performed all over the world and she is the 5th! hottest performer in Fringe. Only 5th?

We went to buy another ticket for £9.00 and went along. The queue was already pretty long and as we were not surprised, most of them males. Full house! So this people does know her or just came along by chance as we did?
IphonePics 294
The show started and Diane got up to the stage. Nothing fancy just a jeans and shirt. She starts her story that she is meeting with her love of her life and deciding to buy a house…and BOOM! The surprise! This sweet pretty girl is actually a filthy, well funny comedian!!! I was laughing a lot on her very sarcastic and excellent humour and story telling ability. NOt mention the sex involved part of the comedy…Her story and I believe her life is really funny and very enjoyable. I’m not sure it says anywhere but do not take children under ( this days I believe ) 14… However if you can go along and see her then please do it! She’s managed to push back my believes in funny comedians and the whole fringe festival in Edinburgh. 
Well done For Diane Spencer and her boyfriend! Hope they will get married soon and do a stand up about it. I definitely would love to see that!
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The great Cramond beach in Edinburgh.

Cramond beach is THE posh beach in Edinburgh. You can find it to the north-west of the city at the mouth of the River Almond where it enters the Firth of Forth.
Iphone 0715 052
Iphone 0715 078
There’s a huge history of this area that goes back to Romans. If you interested you can read more about it on Wikipedia. I wont repeat it hear.
The latest that I have read just at the beach was when In 1997 the Cramond Lioness was uncovered in the harbour mud by a local boatman. It was identified as a sandstone statue of a lioness devouring a hapless male figure, probably one of a pair at the tomb of a military commander. The statue was displayed in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. I think this is pretty cool!
However my intention to go there was because the sun was out and we know this is not an every day moment in Scotland. The drive from the city takes max 15 minutes or you can take the bus number 41.
The place is very peaceful and clean. Many people walking around with dogs ( well jealous) or kids or just alone or with someone. Could be a very romantic walk at sunset! Might one day my fiancé will take me back and pretend to be romantic. Hmmm….
Anyway. The beach is not big but nice and sandy. You can walk around on the path or just let your feet feel the sand. Watch out for not wanted items though!
It’s also  – do keep an eye on the tides though as it is possible to get stranded on the island. That would be something different! However I haven’t been in the Island yet I will! Just have to make sure I can come back! There’s a ‘timetable’ that you can check so you know actually what you’re doing.
There’s a boat club as well with a pretty wee harbour. I was watching people who was about to come back from the sea and I really really want to do the same in 20/30 years! They seemed so happy and in my opinion that could be something amazing to do when you are older. I guess I have to start saving seriously!
Iphone 0715 076 Iphone 0715 059
We had a walk next to the harbour, checked out the club and walked into a wee walk path that heads to a waterfall. It’s a tiny one but still a waterfall! The only thing it was really annoying me…the water! It is so dirty! It’s proper brown like a chocolate! It’s actually looks like a big chocolate fondant…hmmm I’m hungry!
Iphone 0715 060
Iphone 0715 070
Iphone 0715 071
Back the way we found a little cafe ( I think it calls Cramond falls ) that is under construction to become a restaurant. What an idea! The owner lady explained to me that she makes everything by herself. I mean everything. Homemade. I had her scone. What a scone! Respect!
Iphone 0715 073
This beach is not the place I’m going every week or month because it’s special. Something about it is special and special places don’t deserve to be ruined with every day routine!
Iphone 0715 093
” As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge “ – Henry Van Dyke

How to get alcohol in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a super place. Special if you are not a big drinker. You can not buy alcohol in the centre of the city. At all. Zero. Only mint tea. That is sugar, mint leaf and a little hot water. Sooo extremely sweet…you just need another one. But not alcohol. Did I know this. NOT.

Mint Tea - Marrakesh

Two blondes, me and my dearest friend Nina, arrived to old Marrakesh and was about to go and get some cocktails…heading out the hotel when our super concierge stopped us for a chat. He had a good laugh when we said what we were about to do! Shocked. Proper shocked. We did have a bar in the hotel but who wants to stay there???

Bless that man, he told us a secret…There was a place for locals where you can buy alcohol. YES! Obviously the shop is not any big names or even a wee local shop. Not a proper shop just under the blanket one. Alcohol and cigarette. Great. I was about to start running as I had 10 minutes until the ‘shop’ was closed. We followed the road as was told. The scariest moment of my life! Very dark street, nobody to be seen, dogs walking around…I thought that’s it. We never going to survive this. In my mind I was: Just think of alcohol, you are on holiday…! Ok. Why did I believe in that man at the hotel door? Has he sent us somewhere in purpose where we are going to be sold for a few camels and he gets the commission? Our thoughts were scary. However finally we have reached some lights and heard some noises. Yeah! Let’s man up! We are in. Ha! Brilliant.

It was like a wee garage, from floor to ceiling full with any kind of alcohol. Heaven. Full with local man shouting to each other. Full. I should have captured their face when we stepped in and asking for a bottle of vodka! Two blond girl from Europe. I wish I did capture that moment! I never seen man so surprised and quiet. Result! Got the rum! It was weird, I was scared walking on the dark street and even in ‘that’ shop was only man but somehow I never felt unsecured. Somehow I knew the spirit keep us trusted. The spirit. I mean the vodka.

Marrakesh is a cool city but note, if you would like to chill with few drinks outside of your hotel bar buy some before your flight. Although there are bars in new town where you can have alcoholic drinks but Marrakesh’s heart is in old city centre where you can sipping only the mint tea…

New Town - Marrakesh

” I feel sorry for people who don’t drink.

When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they are going to feel all day ” – Frank Sinatra